How To Clean Composite Sinks

How To Clean Composite SinksHow to clean a sink from an artificial stone and how to preserve its beauty. With all the benefits, this material also has some inconveniences.

For example, on the walls and the days of sinks of dark color, spots of lime plaque appear lightly from water. And the light stone sink and soar to spoil spots from tea or coffee. And if even the crane leaks a bit, then the rust may add to the palette of contaminants. Meanwhile, the composite material from which the modular sanitary ware is made is not so resistant to the effects of cleaning agents as more conventional stainless steel.

It is impossible to clean a sink of artificial stone with abrasive powders, it is not recommended and the use of strong acids, alkalis and organic solvents.

Even boiling water can cause expensive plumbing damage, especially if you open cold water immediately after boiling. From improper operation and not very careful maintenance on the surface of the sink, cracks may appear, from time to time, scratches. And from them any pollution will be cleared even harder.

How to choose a means to clean an artificial stone

When you come to the store or the supermarket household chemistry department, choose a cleaning agent for artificial stone, acrylic or composite materials.

A light sink can be bleached with chlorine-containing substances from the usual bleach solution to bleach. Chlorine does not damage the surface of an artificial stone, but darkens and yellowish it removes. At the same time and disinfection occurs.

The landlords, who have already accumulated an artificial stone cleaning experience, advise the following means:

  • Mustard powder removes most of the contaminants.
  • Lemon juice or citric acid can handle the removal of rust and lime plaque.
  • Lemon acid or slices of sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon can also clean the tea and coffee tray sink.
  • Lemon juice can also be replaced with a solution of vinegar.
  • Many spots can be removed if you rub the surface with a bowl of baking soda dipped in warm water.
  • Rust and lime plaque are removed by carbonated drinks: sprite, phantom, Coca-Cola.
  • Very good removes contamination of various origin gel toothpaste.

A few tips for caring for a sink

If you do not leave dirt on the walls of the sink, immediately wash them off with the usual dishwashing detergent, then additional cleaning will be required infrequently.

Do not use too much abrasive cloth or sponge to clean it. If a lot of micro-scratches appear on the surface, it only complicates the care of the sink.

It is desirable after use to dry the surface of the sink with a soft towel. This will protect it from the formation of lime whitish stains from water.

If you pour into the kitchen sink remnants of tea or coffee, immediately wash the surface with clean water.

Picture Credit: kaboompics