Be Yourself and Live On Purpose

Be Yourself and Live On PurposeWe come to this world with one goal – to become happy.

But we continue to wander in the dark, to seek out those who give warmth, cause a chemical reaction in the body and a surge of hormones. We sit down on “love”, fall into dopamine addiction, look for ourselves in the external, in people, things…

We are looking for in others that which we cannot find in ourselves.

Happiness is impossible to find, it can only be created. And it is much more accessible than it may seem.

With your thoughts and actions you are already creating your destiny, your life path. Your life is your choice. And the reality that surrounds you, you create yourself.

You can be content with little or choose only the best, allow you to treat you badly or know what relationship is worthy and not settle for less.

Each woman has a certain energy potential. And our task is to make every effort to maximize it and direct it to create a life filled with sincere happiness and a feeling of joy, learn to see the best in yourself and fill life with true meanings.

Eastern wisdom says: the main purpose of a woman is to accumulate and save energy. Be filled and serve as a source of light, warmth and joy.

Learn to feel with every cell, to observe, to express oneself and one’s own inner states in this world. We are women, and this right is given to us from birth.

Interacting with the world and receiving feedback in the form of joy, emotion, happiness, radiate love, live in prosperity and well-being – this is the main point in the search for your mission. Understand who you are and where you want to be.

By wasting internal resources and energy reserves not on our way, we create an internal conflict that generates negative emotions. Negative blocks the flow of energy, extinguishes the fire and the person turns into a joyless empty board.

Therefore, everything that a woman does should be accomplished with love. And its main purpose – to do what makes her happy.

What we love is us. Our Universe is abundant and each goes its own unique way. To understand your nature, to remember what causes joy in you, you need to go back to yourself and remember who you are?

The universe gives clear signals: if the thought that you do not live your life, is not in the place with people whom you do not consider your family, when work is not pleasing and doesn’t bring pleasure, they attend more and more often – it means life needs changes. You need a change.

When you are in the process of change, the quality of your vibrations changes, you begin to better understand yourself, to understand your true desires, to see the possibilities that were hidden under a layer of imposed beliefs from without.

Recognizing yourself, you reveal a whole range of feelings from which you never even guessed. This is a delightful process of development and self-discovery.

One bakes the most fragrant cinnamon buns, the other sings beautifully, and the third knows a lot about style. Every girl has what she can do best and delights those around her.

Your calling is somewhere in the cut of these areas – what you can and love – that’s what you need to focus on and develop.

And there is another nuance – this activity should be useful to the world. In other words, people should be ready to give their money for it.

3 questions to help you find her destination
To help you decide on your purpose, I suggest asking yourself three simple questions:

  1. What would I do, even if I didn’t get paid for it?
  2. What are you interested in? What are you aiming for? What do you do with such pleasure that you can do it for free?
  3. What would I do if I didn’t need to have an income?

Imagine that you don’t need anything financially until the end of your days – you can afford absolutely everything. For example, that you have a billion dollars – with what in this case will your activity be connected? Drawing, embroidery, creativity?

Please note that the answer “charity” is not exactly about the activity. Your answer should also not be associated with degradation – watch TV shows, sleep until lunch.

Picture Credit: nastya_gepp