Roof Maintenance Is The Key To Roofing

Roof Maintenance Is The Key To RoofingYour roof is just like anything else that serves you.  Be it a tool or even a pet, you should do your own roof maintenance at the est of your ability as a precaution and a remedy for when things go awry.

The roof is the largest area coverage of your home and since it’s on top of the house it is out of sight and unfortunately too often out of mind.  People don’t look into the problems that a damaged or compromised roof can cause and end up with big bill or battle with the insurance companies.  Had one just kept a tab on the roofing as one does with one’s car, fewer mishaps might occur down the line.

First thing’s first, do a good look see, an inspection of the roof.  At a glance does something stick out of the ordinary?  What about a major reach you had no idea had occurred?  The scariest damage is the stuff you can’t see, the stuff underneath the tiles, shingles, or plates. Just one hole in the roof can allow for seepage and water damage can cause a plethora of problems, some so severe that it can cost a good chunk of change to correct.

You might have to clean off some debris to do a thorough inspection but that can be done with a broom or a water hose.  This will allow for an even better look see especially where the water falls.  You can go inside the attic to see if any water seeps in.  If so, it’s time to call a professional.

Some roofing materials just die out over time.  This is due to weather mostly but far too many homeowners don’t pay attention and end up having to do a full roof repair.  That’s expensive.

Animals and insects can be a menace as well.  Keep a good eye out for them.  Listen, sniff, eyeball.  Make sure not tree branches are touching the roof or looming over it. It’s a tempting invitation to squirrels and raccoon.  The worst case scenario is when bees or termites or ants gain access to the structure via the roof.  Exterminators only can handle that problem, and since these insects can destroy a home from the inside out, it’s not only imperative that you look out for these pests, but you do so often.

One thing you might want to d is see if your local trade schools or vocational schools hold any roofing repair classes.  Even just a little bit means a long way in taking responsibility for your home.  You might even get discounts on insurance so it’s best to ask your insurance agent to see if such goodies are available.

Finally, preservation is a major factor.  Check with your hardware store for products that you can apply to your roof and support structure that will prolong the life of the roofing.  Asphalt roofs will require different products than will tile or metal, so shop around, ask questions, and do some homework so that you can literally come out on top regarding your roofing needs.

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