CrossFit: Advantages and Disadvantages

CrossFit: Advantages and Disadvantages

CrossFit is a type of fitness with high intensity, which is becoming increasingly popular around the world every year.

Although this type of exercise is in demand among people who want to lose a few extra pounds, gain muscle mass, and improve their endurance, some important disadvantages must be considered before you start doing CrossFit.

What is CrossFit?

In fact, CrossFit training looks something like this: a person alternately performs exercises with certain functional movements.

Note: some exercises require more time to perform and some less, but the total duration of training should not exceed 50 minutes. CrossFit training includes exercises to improve the cardiovascular system, as well as lifting weights and strength training. With the help of this sport, you can evaluate a person’s various skills and physical fitness.

Note that a person who wants to exercise regularly should already have sufficient physical training, flexibility, a sense of balance, and a developed respiratory system. Remember that CrossFit involves good motor biomechanics, as improper exercise can lead to injuries to joints, spine, and other important parts of the body.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of CrossFit?

Although today CrossFit is incredibly popular in different parts of the world, its effect on the body is still debated. Although recent research has confirmed the many benefits of this sport, serious injuries and other negative consequences after CrossFit training have created the impression that this type of exercise is dangerous.

The biggest problem is that many people decide to do CrossFit without first analyzing their fitness and assessing their health. Some people even begin to perform high-intensity exercises on their own without the supervision of a professional trainer.

Advantages of CrossFit

CrossFit is not only suitable for professional athletes who are accustomed to high-intensity training. In fact, today more and more people practice this sport in different parts of the world.

However, if you decide to do this type of exercise, it is very important to first adapt your training to your athletic skills.

Given the motor biomechanics of each exercise, we can highlight the following interesting benefits of CrossFit:

  1. Improves the cardiovascular system and develops the respiratory system.
    Increases the physical endurance of the body.
  2. With the help of CrossFit, you can develop coordination and a sense of balance.
  3. It improves mood and increases self-esteem.
  4. CrossFit helps you gain muscle mass.
  5. With regular training, you can quickly lose extra pounds, because CrossFit perfectly burns fat.
  6. Crossfit helps to build relationships with other people because most classes are held in groups.

Risks that CrossFit can provoke

CrossFit can be a health hazard if you don’t take up the sport responsibly. If you do not assess your condition in advance and start doing too strenuous exercises without the necessary physical training, you may develop the following negative consequences:

  1. Muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone injuries.
  2. Spinal cord injury.
  3. Feeling weak and prolonged fatigue.
  4. Changes in the cardiovascular system, including increased blood pressure.

Useful tips for those who want to start doing CrossFit

Before you start training, it is very important to consult with a trainer who specializes in CrossFit. Only a professional can teach you to do the exercises correctly without risking your health.

Here are some basic tips to consider:

  1. Start with those exercises that correspond to your level of physical fitness.
  2. Gradually start to increase the intensity of training.
  3. Do not forget to allocate enough time for rest and recovery.
  4. Always worry about maintaining water balance.
  5. Follow the principles of a healthy and balanced diet.
  6. Be sure to exercise to warm up your muscles and stretch before exercising.

Picture Credit: Unsplash