Great Ideas for Creating a Mini Garden at Home

Great Ideas for Creating a Mini Garden at Home

The home garden will help to relieve tension and enjoy peace. Also, creating your own mini garden in the house is a great way to improve air quality and green the apartment.

To make your home unique, you can adopt a lot of interesting ideas for creativity. This is the essence of gardening: choose only those plants that will fit into your interior and bring you and other family members aesthetic pleasure.

Wonderful and beautiful mini garden

The first step is to choose the right container for the plants. We advise you to choose transparent pots because they will let in the maximum amount of light and sunlight.

Make sure the container is deep enough, as the plants need a lot of space to grow roots and maintain a proper level of humidity.

For plants that do not like excessive moisture, it is best to buy an open container. A round bowl in the form of an aquarium or a glass pot of a cup-shaped or cylindrical shape will be perfect.

To arrange a mini garden in the room, you will need the following materials:

  1. Pebbles or small stones;
  2. Charcoal or activated carbon;
  3. Soil or humus;
  4. Moss or decorative stones (optional).

What plants to choose for a mini garden?

If you are seriously thinking about creating a mini garden in the room, you need to remember what plants can be grown in such conditions. Therefore, for a mini garden, it is best to choose plants of small size that love the shade and can tolerate high temperatures and high humidity.

To create a mini garden you can use a variety of cacti and succulents, as well as small fruit trees, which can be grown in the open-air mini gardens.

Stages of creating a mini-garden in the apartment:

  1. Choose a container and fill it with pebbles or stones 2-3 cm in height. This will prevent water from stagnating and coming into contact with the roots of the plants. This will protect the plants from rot. You can cover the stones or pebbles with a thin layer of moss. It will serve as a kind of sponge and absorb water, not allowing dirt to get into the gaps between the pebbles.
  2. Mix special soil with charcoal. This organic material has the ability to accelerate drainage and stimulate root growth. Fill the pot with this mixture for a third of its total height.
  3. Remove the plants from the pots in which you purchased them and place them in a pre-prepared container. Do not forget that you need to step back at least 10 centimeters between the plants.
  4. When all the plants are planted, cover the surface with moss or decorative stones. This will not only beautify the appearance of the container but also prevent various weeds from multiplying and growing.
  5. Pour enough water into the container so that it reaches the pebbles and moistens it sufficiently. The frequency of watering will depend on which plants you choose but do not forget that the soil should always remain moist. Try to water the plants in the morning and evening.
  6. When you have finished working on the mini garden, place it in a well-lit place where it will always be exposed to direct sunlight.
  7. As the plants grow, prune the twigs so that the mini garden retains its shape and good appearance.

Arrangement of a mini garden in a small apartment

To create a mini-garden in a small apartment, you need to choose impact-resistant glass vases and pots.

If you want to place plants not in one large container, but throughout the apartment, fill small vases or glass bowls with soil and small stones, then plant your favorite plants inside.

In any case, choose only those plants that tolerate shade and do not have a large size.

You can buy a special stand for pots and place it on the table, windowsill, or just on the floor.

Mini garden on the balcony

To give a good look for the balcony not only inside but also outside, it is best to choose liana-like plants that have the ability to curl and intertwine.

In summer, these plants will create an incredible feeling of being in a real rainforest and will amaze not only you but also everyone who passes by your balcony.

Mini garden in the courtyard or under the viewing window

If you are lucky enough to live in a house with a small patio or a viewing window, this is a great opportunity to create an incredibly beautiful and cozy atmosphere in the house.

Use these charms of the house to arrange a mini garden there. You should not fill the space with massive pots and tall plants, because this way you can overload the house and close the view from the window.

Picture Credit: Unsplash