10 Tips For Cleaning Your Home In Less Than One Hour

Check out these 10 Tips, and learn how you can get started!
Now you can clean your entire home in just an hour or less, as well as both clean and replenish critical areas that are most susceptible to dirt, dust, bacteria, and other muck and grime!

Check out these 10 Tips, and learn how you can get started!

  1. Bedroom – Starting with your bedroom, pick up any dirty clothes and throw them in the hamper, make your bed, use new linens, and try making ‘hospital corners’ to really square away your bedroom.
  2. Sweeping – Give a fast sweep of all your rooms, ideally using either a mop, rag, towel, or a product like a Swiffer Sweeper if possible. This will give your entire home a more ‘fresh’, clean, and ‘sparkling’ look!
  3. Tackle the dust – Starting with the living-room, address dust in every room with a quick ‘dust down’ by using a microfiber cloth and pure, non-harmful or chemical cleaners. This will both clean up unwanted dirt, as well as kill bacteria leaving your home both cleaner and safer for you and your family. Sometimes, dusting can really be taxing, so going with a professional cleaning service might be the solution.
  4. Get to the bathroom – The bathroom can leave a serious impression and make all the difference in your daily routine and hygiene, so make the bathroom a top priority during your next home cleaning!
  5. Cleaning the dishes – Make it a point to collect any dirty dishes from around your home, and of course clean any dirty dishes in the sink. This will both make your home look, and smell cleaner! A must-remember for any serious home cleaning routine.
  6. Wiping down the sinks – Using both paper towels or rags, and a toothbrush you can scrub all the muck and grime off your sinks – making them all the more pleasant the next time you have company over.
  7. Addressing “clutter” – This is the perfect time to address any ‘clutter’ and you can even include your kids in on the home cleaning ‘fun’ by giving them assigned areas to clean, put away, or organize their toys as needed.
  8. Where to vacuum – Starting in your bedroom, make it a point to vacuum every room, and if necessary rent a special clean-vac that’s industrial strength if you’ve got a lot of stains on your carpets. That is, as this can be a both frustrating and time-consuming obstacle for any home cleaning. A professional cleaning service might also make the most sense here, as they’ll already have the necessary equipment and experience – saving you both time and money in the long-run.
  9. Wiping down the glass – Every home has glass in it, may it be the mirrors, windows, or tables, which means this should be a major area of focus the next time you tackle a full-home cleaning project in less than an hour! Just get yourself some Windex, or other glass-cleaner to wipe down and remove dirt build-up. It’s also best in most cases to let the cleaner sit for a while on the difference surfaces before wiping, which means while you wait you can go tackle other areas around your home!
  10. Refreshing the bathroom – You can place a fresh lime, lemon, or candle in your bathroom once you’ve finished wiping down or washing out the tub and shower. You can also run water while cleaning, and even use warm or hot water to kill tough bacteria and grime.

So you see, in just an hour or less, you’ll be able to have your home smelling, looking, and feeling fresh again in no time – which is not only great for your daily routines physically in navigating your home, but also for better peace of mind.

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