Organize Your Home Office and Improve Your Business

Organize Your Home OfficeImage credit: ErikaWittlieb

As shown by the numerous experience, when arranging a home office according to the rules of feng shui, two main tasks are pursued:

Separating the working environment from everyday life

Lack of incentives for social (business-related) interaction
Work at home provides many benefits associated with your lifestyle, and the principles of feng shui will help make it even better.

Advice on how to equip a home office for feng shui rules.
If you belong to the number of people working in your home office, the tips given below on basic principles of feng shui will help make your work more productive and effective.

1. A very important rule of Feng Shui: place your home office as far from the bedroom as possible. It would be ideal if your home office had a separate entrance. If this is not possible, try to maximally remove your workplace from the bedroom. This is the basis for the proper organization of a home office for Feng Shui.

2. Create an environment conducive to the mood for success, prosperity, well-being and productive work. To do this, you need to create a specific image. Choose feng shui colors for the office, arrange memorabilia that symbolize your career growth (letters, diplomas, awards) and the corresponding decor items that give you the opportunity to feel successful, meaningful and happy.

Since your office is located in the house, you can absolutely not be shy and fully manifest your imagination in its design. Depending on the nature of your work, your office must exude appropriate energy, which can later affect your work.

3. Be attentive to the quality of air and lighting (both natural and artificial) in your home office. These factors are among the main ones in the organization of a good workplace for feng shui. If your brain suffers from a lack of oxygen and your body does not receive enough natural light, then you will not be able to work productively, even if your job really likes you.

At the planning stage, take care to bring enough light into your home office. It also does not hurt to put several indoor plants that will enrich the room with oxygen. In addition, the energy of plants will refresh not only the energy of the room but yours.

4. Arrange your desk in the so-called dominant position of Feng Shui, in order to attract strong and positive energy into your field of activity. The table should stand so that you do not sit with your back to the door. Remove the table as far as possible from it. The situation when you sit at the table facing the bare wall, also does not correspond to the principles of feng shui. If this situation can not be avoided, then try to correct this situation by using the techniques of feng shui and “dissolve” the wall. It can be done by hanging a picture on it, or decorating it with the help of ornament, applique or other art objects.

5. According to Eastern philosophy, there are three important zones in the home office that need to be properly designed to improve the feng shui of energy.

The southern zone (responsible for fame and reputation). In this zone is the energy of the Fire. In this area, do not use blue for color, large mirrors, fountains or pictures with water, because the energy of Water damps the energy of Fire.

Organize Your Office

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Northern zone (career and life path). This is the energy zone of Water, so for its design, you can use the attributes of this element, listed above, as well as metal products. If it is too difficult for you, you can simply place memorabilia related to your work in the northern part of your home office and symbolize your career growth. It can be diplomas, diplomas, certificates, etc. installed in a white or black frame.

Southeast zone (abundance and prosperity). In this part of the room you can place items that are reminiscent of money and abundance. This is the energy zone of the Tree. Therefore, do not place in this zone the attributes of the Fire energy. Also, there should not be too many pieces of metal.

6. Use feng shui to organize the workflow and maintain order in the workplace. One of the options for organizing the workflow is the preparation of schedules and schedules. Confusion depletes your energy and suppresses your most good intentions. Clear planning will not allow chaotic destruction of your health and your business.

You should have a calendar or a calendar in which you will make a work plan for a day, a week or a month. Do not forget to make notes about the tasks. You will be surprised how much more energetic, full of enthusiasm you will become in a few days.

At the end of the work, put your order on the desktop, this is also very important.

These are just a few principles of organizing a home office for Feng Shui. But if you do it, then immediately notice the improvement in the energy of your workplace.

Everything in this world is connected on a subtle energy level. And it needs to be considered for successful work in your home office.