How To Clean And Care For Windows

How to clean and care for windowsCare for windows includes a whole complex of operations that preserve the appearance and efficiency of the window structure. When cleaning the windows, it is necessary to clean the double-glazed windows.

Double-glazed windows of a uPVC windows have a different transparency, depending on which type of insulating glass was chosen by you. However, the transparency of the window changes with the appearance of scratches. To clean the double-glazed windows from dirt, you can use warm water with a small amount of washing liquid for glass and dishes. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents to care for windows. Care of windows is prohibited with the use of sharp objects, which can damage the surface of the glass.

Care of windows that have tinted glass is realized by the same methods as maintenance of ordinary glasses. The film can not be damaged, since it is often installed on the inside of the glass. Exceptions are special coatings with a reflective effect. The choice of care for these glasses should be treated with extreme caution. It is recommended to first check how the agent works on a small area of ​​the coating, and then apply the cleaner to clear the entire window.

Maintenance of plastic windows is a set of actions aimed at increasing the operating time of the elements of the window structure. Maintenance of uPVC windows should be carried out by special service departments, although in some cases it is possible to adjust the window system and without the help of professionals.

Maintenance of uPVC windows includes such kind of works, as adjustment of accessories. The first adjustment of the fittings takes place during installation, which adjusts the fittings on the installed window. Further maintenance of plastic windows is caused by the action of various natural factors: cold, moisture, wind loads and various deformations when shrinking the house.

Maintenance of plastic windows is necessary for such faults:

  • the tightness of the leaflets;
  • changing the geometric dimensions of the leaflets;
  • uncharacteristic sounds when opening the window.

Timely adjustment of the hardware will reduce the likelihood of serious damage, which can cause the destruction of the product. The service of windows by experts will help to fix problems of any complexity quickly and in a timely manner.

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