6 Cleaning Secrets to Steal From Hotel Maids

6 Cleaning Secrets to Steal From Hotel MaidsWe learn how to quickly collect garbage, correctly apply detergent and fold the bed – in the article these and other secrets for daily, weekly and general cleaning.

In each hotel there are several different types of cleaning: daily, which takes no more than half an hour, after the guests leave, general and light. Cleaning after guests leave includes bed linen change and bathroom hygiene upgrades, you can do it every weekend. General cleaning is carried out approximately every two weeks and includes washing the walls and windows, cleaning the carpet, changing curtains and cleaning in hard-to-reach places under and under the furniture. Easy cleaning includes airing and dusting if the room is empty for a long time.

Daily cleaning
In order not to have to devote the entire weekend to restoring order and turning the spring-cleaning into a test, schedule a daily 20-30 minutes to restore order. In order not to be sorry for the time, try to combine cleaning with something useful, for example, to listen to an audiobook or to repeat English expressions after the speaker.

1. Airing
Open the windows at the very beginning of the cleaning. Even the cleanest room will seem untidy if there is stagnant air with a smell of dust in it. If it is very hot outside, you can turn on the air conditioner, and if it’s cold, open the window for ten minutes and at this time do the cleaning in the bathroom.

2. Take out the trash
The next step maids – remove all unnecessary. At this stage, you quickly collect the garbage in the bag and take it out of the apartment, take all the dishes to the sink, replace towels if necessary, and run the washing machine. If it’s time to wipe the dust, remove from the shelves, tables, everything on them, and wipe. Do not put everything at once in place so that there are no divorces. Best of all, dust is collected by microfiber cloths or 100% cotton.

3. Applying detergent
Put on the bathroom or shower, on the toilet and sink detergent and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing. Remember that each surface needs its own chemistry: acid-based for ceramics, alkali-based for tiles and chrome, with a neutral PH for mirrors. It is not necessary to study the composition of the detergent, the manufacturer marks for which surfaces it can be used, but try to find an environmentally friendly tool, they are marked with special icons.

4. Cleaning the bed
In the European number, the classical scheme is used for making the bed: a sheet, preferably a stretch or very tightly tucked in, a blanket in a duvet cover and a folded cover in the legs. The pillows remain above the blanket and lean against the headboard. It is important that the pillowcase is ironed, sat tightly on the pillow and does not sag.

In order for the mattress is not minded from constant use, it is turned over every two weeks.

5. Cleaning the floor
The floor is cleaned in two stages: first with a vacuum cleaner, then with a damp cloth. Since this is a fairly thorough cleaning, it is not necessary to carry it out daily, especially if you do not have pets and allergies.

Vacuuming starts from the entrance to the room, to the far wall and back. So you manage to collect more dust. Pay particular attention to the perimeter and corners.

6. Motion trajectory
In order not to forget anything, make it a rule to move clockwise or in the opposite direction. You can change the direction of cleaning each time so that your eyes do not get used and do not miss the little things.

Weekly cleaning

For this cleaning will have to allocate one to two hours a day. It includes a change of bed linen, a mandatory change of towels, updating stocks of household chemicals and hygiene products in the bathroom. Be sure to take the time to detail: wipe all the mirrors, go with a toothbrush through hard-to-reach places in the bathroom. Knock the dust out of the curtains with a twisted towel, wipe the dust on the leaves of the plants.

This cleaning can be done once a month: wash windows and walls, especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom. It’s time to move all the furniture and wipe the floors and baseboards under it, clean the carpet, wipe the dust on the chandelier. Move a little away from checking the details and look around the apartment as a whole, perhaps there are some areas that require repainting, minor repairs, repainting. It is not necessary to grab everything at once, but you can schedule time in your diary to solve these problems so that they do not accumulate.

Picture Credit: JanClaus