How to Install a Solar Panel at Home

How to Install a Solar Panel at HomeTo create an autonomous power supply it is not enough to buy solar panels. Their efficiency depends on the correct location and installation. The most effective installation of devices on the roof of the building, but the method of installation will vary depending on the characteristics of the roof.

Solar mounting options
If the angle of inclination of the roof does not exceed 40 degrees, for fixing the panels are made of the supporting frame of the metal profiles.

On the roof with a steep slope (more than 30 degrees) it is possible to install solar panels on a flat roof.

On a flat roof, install a special frame of metal profiles at an angle to the plane of the roof to ensure the optimum angle of incidence of sunlight.

In rare cases, the option of mounting panels on the wall of the building. For mounting with the use of a frame mounted at an angle to the plane of the wall.

In areas with heavy snowfalls, solar cells are placed on special masts. This method is also used if structurally other options are impossible.

The most common first two options for placing solar panels as the most effective.

Installation procedure

Before proceeding directly with the installation of solar panels, the homeowner must make sure that

  • the roof will withstand the additional load created by the mounting structure and the panel;
  • the location of the panel is maximally illuminated by the sun throughout the daylight, the shadow of trees and other objects does not fall on it – this is necessary to obtain maximum efficiency and prevent the device from failing due to the formation of “stray currents”;
  • the design will be protected from gusts of wind, it is unacceptable that the “sail effect” was created;
  • to the place of attachment of the panel, safe approaches for cleaning and maintenance are provided: the panel will have to be cleared of snow in the winter period, cleaned of dirt and dust.

It is better to have the structure on the south side of the roof, since It is this side that is subjected to the greatest insolation during the day. After choosing a place, they start assembling the frame structure. For its creation, the best metal profile and corners of metal. Other materials, such as wooden beams, are not recommended for framing. Metal lasts longer and more durable, does not lose its shape under the influence of moisture.

Picture Credit: alexcsiki