How to Clean Kitchen in 5 Steps

How to Clean Kitchen in 5 Steps

If you want to maintain order in the kitchen, do not need huge to-do lists. All that is needed is a clear algorithm of actions. When cleaning the kitchen, move towards these five zones.


Start cleaning your kitchen by washing dishes.

The sink should be given special attention since a huge amount of bacteria is collected in the sink.

Once you have freed the countertops and sink from dirty dishes, it’s time to start rubbing the kitchen surfaces.


The fewer objects are on work surfaces and panels of household appliances, the faster you will be able to tidy up the kitchen and continue to maintain cleanliness. In addition, do not forget to carefully inspect the walls for splashes and keep order on the shelves.


Someone likes to rub the stove to shine, and someone always with horror starts to scrub it.

In order not to wash the stove every time, you can cover it with foil. When dirt builds up, simply throw the foil in the trash and replace it with a new one.


If you use a window sill to store trash, immediately deal with it. Dust collectors on the window prevent positive energy from entering the house. The maximum that can be left is small indoor plants. It is best to keep window sills free to be able to wipe the dust from them every day, and open windows to ventilate the room.


Wipe the floors quickly does not take much time, especially if you do it daily. It is much easier to clean than to tear dry dirt, old food traces, and stains of fat from time to time. Think about the time these steps can save you in the future.

Do not forget that these rules only work if you do not turn your apartment into a warehouse. If you keep a lot of old and unnecessary things, the first thing you need to get rid of them.

Picture Credit: Unsplash