The 5 Dirtiest Places In Your Apartment

In any apartment there are corners that have not met with a mop and a rag for a long time. Most often, we do not notice these places in everyday life and try not to pay attention to them during the usual, not general cleaning of the apartment.

We will tell you about the five dirtiest places in the apartment, which the housewives rarely get to, but which are always cleaned by the employees of professional cleaning companies.

1. Refrigerator Door Gasket

In the kitchen there are many places where dirt and microbes accumulate. Experienced housewives know these risk areas – a sink, sponges for washing dishes, plate handles, cutting boards, a trash can. But even they forget about the real hotbed of bacteria, from where they easily fall directly into food. This is the rubber seal of the refrigerator. There are ideal conditions for the development of mold and microbes: dark, moist – and constantly sticking bits of food.

Refrigerator Door Gasket

Image credit: PIRO4D

At usual cleaning of an apartment we seldom mine a refrigerator, and if we undertake to disassemble it, we often forget to clean it and even more so to disinfect the rubber seal. To remove impurities from all the creases of the refrigerator rubber, professionals use a special narrow brush. You can take this technique into service and use a conventional toothbrush for these purposes.

2. Carpets in the rooms and rugs in the corridor

Image credit: Pezibear

Fluffy carpets create warmth and comfort in the apartment – and become an excellent home for many microorganisms. But how, you will say, I regularly vacuum and wash my carpet. Alas, no matter how powerful and modern the vacuum cleaner you use, it is not able to remove all the grime that has stuck to the pile. On one square centimeter of the average carpet in the living room there are about 30 thousand different bacteria, including the causative agents of intestinal infections, salmonella and even Staphylococcus aureus. Can you imagine the diverse population in the rugs that lie in the corridor?

In order not to be afraid of letting children play on the carpet, it is necessary to regularly treat the nap with a special cleaning agent, and it is better to take the carpet to a dry cleaner once a year at least.

3. Ventilation grilles

Ventilation grilles
Image credit: moses

Dangerous bacteria lie in wait for us even in the air: the source of their spread is the ventilation grilles in the kitchen and in the bathroom. They are difficult to get to, which is why we often forget to simply erase external dust from them, and yet it is in these places that ideal conditions for the living of various bacteria are created. Ventilation holes are under the ceiling, and there is a real tropical paradise: constantly warm and humid. Here bacteria and multiply with a huge speed: the population of such colonies increases 4-5 times a day.

Take for yourself the rule of starting cleaning the kitchen and bathroom with the cleaning of ventilation. And for convenience, you can put removable grilles – they are much easier to wash.

2. Disinfect the toilet brush
Advertisement cleaning products convinced us that most of the bacteria lives on the seat and under the rim of the toilet, and therefore we regularly enough mine and disinfect them. In the bends, dust and hair settle very well, and if, by lowering the water, you do not close the lid of the toilet bowl, then all the microbes come from there together with the spray.

The habit of washing the toilet bowl entirely, without forgetting its back and bottom parts, will do you good service. It is also recommended to regularly wash and disinfect the toilet brush and the flask for it so that bacteria do not spread during harvesting.

4. Switches and doorbell
From the street we bring a lot of different bacteria, and they all stay on the doorbell: after all, we do not have my hands before I call. When we press the button, we do not even notice how dirty it became with time, and we carry all the bacteria accumulated over the years right into the house. Many people have never rubbed a bell in their lives, but in vain!

The next place we touch before we wash our hands after the street is the switches, they are also often forgotten to wipe during the usual cleaning of the apartment. And if it’s a switch in the kitchen, there will always be stains from food, and even going into the bathroom, we often turn on the light with dirty hands. So, switches are one more item in the program of regular house cleaning.