How to Survive Without Air Conditioning in the City

How to Survive Without Air Conditioning in the City

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To live a summer in a city in a house without an air conditioner seems to be a sophisticated torture. The morning stops being cheerful, and at night the insomnia suffers. And all thoughts are only about the sea or the onset of a cool autumn.

But our ancestors lived their whole life in such conditions! Do you think they were “stronger”? Not at all, they just had to cope with the heat without air conditioners!

1. Immediately barricade!

Blind the windows, close the blinds! So you must act every morning. Penetrating into the rooms of apartments and houses, the sunlight warms up the dwelling, creating inside it a “greenhouse effect”. If the curtains are too light, buy reflective films on the windows – a thin darkened or mirror film will cost quite inexpensively, but it will make life much easier for you.

2. Set the cold mode

Cool the room at night, wide open windows. This is one of the most important tips that will save from the heat. Letting in the evening coolness to your house, in the morning you can still take advantage of yesterday’s “blessings.”

Please note that open windows must extend to different sides of the house / apartment so that the air can circulate freely. Well, if you live in an apartment building, do not forget to cool also the access hall (staircase).

3. Find your fashion style

The appropriate wardrobe items will make it easier to survive “torture” from nature. Forget synthetic fabrics! Dress in spacious clothes made of light natural textures: cotton works well in the daytime, and silk at night. If you live alone and can afford to walk around the house naked, why not? Less clothes, more comfort!
The skin must breathe.

4. Take a cool shower

Take a cool shower

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It’s so simple that you can repeat it several times a day. Only 5 minutes spent in the shower, provide a comfortable feeling, at least 1-1.5 hours.

5. Play in the Indians

When in the street mercilessly bakes, gambling excitement is present except for children. And even then not always. But the Indians can peep one trick that will help survive the summer warming. Soak a thin towel in cool water, squeeze it well and wrap it in the manner of a turban around your head or cover your neck with it. You will immediately feel how you will become better.

6. Target strategic stocks

The natural reaction of the body to heat is a decrease in appetite. Take advantage of this gift of nature! Refuse to prepare dishes with a stove or oven, in a hot house it’s just impossible. In the hot season, you can confine yourself to cold first dishes, appetizers and salads.

7. Find a fan in the bins

Even a small electrical appliance can greatly facilitate your life. However, for this you will have to learn how to use it. It is not enough to plug the cord into the socket, you need to set the right direction and create “frosty” obstacles. Direct the airflow to special cold storage batteries (suddenly you have them) or plastic bottles filled with water, and then frozen. The room will become much cooler!

8. Change the situation

If you are used to experiencing heat, lying in bed and looking at the ceiling, take away the pillow and the blanket! For the summer to support the head you need a pillowcase filled with buckwheat. Unlike a conventional pillow, it does not store heat, so lying on it will be comfortable and even pleasant.

And if you like to put cooling compresses on your forehead, make them with a filler made of rice, then hold it in the freezer for a while. Such a compress long remains cold and irreplaceable when the temperature rises.

9. Check the pulse

Do you think that you have overheated and need to cool down immediately? Fortunately, you can do it in a few minutes. Take the ice pack and hold the “compress” for a few seconds on the pulse points – the wrists, the back of the neck, the bend of the elbows and in the area under the knees. However, the listed list can not be limited, moving to a full-fledged wiping with ice.

10. Lay on the water

A proven way to keep body temperature in summer under control is to drink more water. Cool water pleasantly cools and quenches thirst. Remember: if you want to drink, then you have already lost 1% of the moisture needed to maintain the body’s systems in order. With a loss of 10%, irreparable consequences occur. But you can get to the source of water before?

11. Uncover the secrets of the pharaohs

Do you know how the ancient Egyptians cooled themselves on the most hot nights? They soaked the cold sheets in the cold water, squeezed them well and used them as a cool blanket. Light wet textures pleasantly cooled the body and brought pleasant dreams. Still haunted by insomnia? Add to this advice one more – put on wet socks. Our contemporaries assure us that this works great!

12. Go down from heaven to earth

rises, so in the sunny season more comfortable for those who live on the ground floors. If you have a two-story mansion, place your bed on the first floor and get your portion of clean fresh air. Is it possible to move lower? Move the mattress from the bed to the floor. Even the extra 50-70 centimeters play a role when it comes to cooling the body in the heat.

life without air conditioning

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13. Feel like a lone wolf

In the sunny season, sleep is best in proud solitude. The embrace of a loved one is unlikely to inflame the fire of passion when the body is already exhausted from the heat. But this does not mean that on an intimate relationship you need to put a cross, postpone them for the morning time, and at night try to equip a cool oasis of happiness. Especially if you have to go to work tomorrow.

14. Make a “swallow”

The best position during a dream in a wild heat – by no means “curling up”. The correct position is spreading arms and legs in the manner of a flying swallow. The limbs should not touch each other, this will allow air to circulate freely around the body, thus providing greater comfort.

15. Adapt!

People live on Earth for more than a millennium and during this time managed to find ways that help them personally. Tired of fighting the heat? Maybe it’s time to find a house in those latitudes that are created just for you? Or is it better for you to plant trees near the house? In the sunny season, they will give a shadow, why breathe will become freer and easier. And the summer – it does not last forever! ..

Expert’s comment

Survival at extreme temperatures in summer is a problem for many. The following steps will help you keep cool in the house if you do not have air conditioning:

  • On cool evenings, open all the windows and doors so that as much air as possible circulates in the room. And at sunrise, on the contrary – close, curtain the curtains and lower the blinds.
  • Without urgent need, do not use electrical appliances as they give off heat.
  • Lean on fresh fruits and vegetables that you do not need to cook.
  • Thirst is the first sign of dehydration. In summer, drink water before the appearance of this symptom. And if you sweat profusely, buy drinks with electrolytes – they help maintain the water balance.
  • Avoid coffee and alcoholic beverages, as they work as diuretics and promote dehydration.
  • If you have to visit public places, choose those in which the air conditioner is installed. Hypermarkets, libraries, cinemas can become a “cooling point” when the heat becomes unbearable.
  • Learn to distinguish between discomfort from a hot day and symptoms of extreme conditions – solar and thermal shock. At the slightest suspicion, call for emergency services.