Apple is Working on iPhones with Touchless Control and Curved Screen

Apple is developing a curved screen and touch-less control technology smartphone, reports Bloomberg.

Apple has consistently switched to its own processors and video chips, developed its platform for smart watches. And now, according to the media, working on their displays and camera modules.

Apple engineers are developing a curved screen and touchless control technology smartphone. Apple engineers create a technology for managing a smartphone with gestures. The company wants the iPhone to run certain commands before the user touches it. Similar technologies are in Samsung and Google, but they work on the basis of special sensors.

Apple wants to develop a special display that will track the position of the finger. According to sources, this technology will be developed at least two years. It should be noted that not all Apple experiments reach serial production.

Apple is developing a curved OLED display. Unlike the Samsung screens that are bent around the edges, the Apple display will be bent inward from the top down. According to the source, the project will take two to three years to complete.

Also, rumors of the iPhone 2018 line were confirmed. Apple is going to present three smartphones this year, which will outwardly resemble the iPhone X. Two devices will be equipped with an OLED screen, and the third will be equipped with an IPS display.

Analysts have long argued that Apple will introduce Face ID into all of its devices. It seems that the technology will appear not only in iPhones.

The new iPad of 2018 will be deprived of the Home button and will receive Face ID technology. In principle, the tablets are ready for this now: all the necessary gestures are in iOS 11. In the new tablets there will be no OLED displays.