Features of One-Story House

Features of One-Story House

Distinctive features of erection of a one-story home

The main thing that attracts customers who order a one-story house – is the savings on wall materials, heating, and ease of construction of a one-story house.

Based on this, we get the ease of operation and repair, if you suddenly need to fix something in the house.

There is no staircase in the one-story house. This means that the space is not be stolen by stairwells and small children can move around the house safely. Elderly people also can not constantly go up to the second floor.

Such features of residents as age and family composition should primarily determine the features of the project.

Area for the house

A one-story house, as a rule, occupies a larger area on the site than a two-story house.

This means that the investment in pouring the foundation will be more just for a one-story house. These are very simple calculations, which, however, help to set priorities when choosing a one-story or two-story house.

We draw your attention to the following point: the floor of all rooms in a one-story house is located as close as possible to the ground. This means that it is better to raise the plinth at least 50 cm from the ground and lay an additional layer of insulation in the floor structure.

One-story home planning

In one-story planning, you can use not only the classic rectangular planning forms but also polygonal structures. This provides original opportunities to integrate the house into the surrounding landscape and endless space for imagination on interior design.

One-story wooden house

The material of making wooden houses already gives them originality and unique color. In addition, the use of wood as a building material makes the suburban environment even more environmentally friendly and beneficial to the health of the owners.

If you want to make the design of a one-story wooden house even more amazing, the standard height of the walls can be increased. From the outside, you can even say that this is a cottage with an attic. But no, it’s just high ceilings in tandem with panoramic windows that can create an incredibly beautiful design in the living room.

Thanks to such original architecture, here it is possible to put to decorate a high fur tree for New Year or to hang an author’s chandelier. Or even put a piano, because the acoustics in a room with a high ceiling will get the most out of good music.

Features of a one-story home

The features of one-story projects include another interesting detail. A one-story house is always easier to complete if the size of the yard allows. In this case, you do not have to rebuild the roof, dismantling the ceiling, erecting the second floor. But only to continue construction outside the walls of the house.

Thus, to a one-story house, as well as to a two-story one, it is very easy to complete terraces, canopies, and verandas in one plane.

Recommendations for a one-story house project

As a rule, the price of a house with an area of ​​200 m2 will be approximately identical for both one-story and two-story projects. But remember that the price is formed based on the input amount of material in the wooden set of the house.

Here, even two one-story buildings can be strikingly different in price. If in one building there will be many rooms and inter-room partitions. It will cost much more, than a wooden felling of the same area. But with studio space inside and the minimum number of partitions.

If you choose a one-story house project, you have a lot of opportunities for improvement and development of housing. This, as we have already determined, is quite easy to do.

If you are thinking about the future, you can choose a one-story house with a terrace and garage.

Picture Credit: Pexels