Why You are so Tired on Mondays

Why You are so Tired on MondaysIf on Friday night you enjoyed life, and on the weekend slept – the body has lost the habit of working everyday.

1. You have lost sleep

Perhaps Monday is so hard for you, because during the weekend you have lost circadian rhythms. When you stay up late and get up late, the body suffers something like a mini jet lag. As if during these days you flew to a city with a different time zone and back.

What to do

Get up and lie down for at least an hour compared to weekdays. If on Sunday you still went to bed late, immediately after awakening, open the curtains. Daylight suppresses the production of the melatonin sleep hormone and charges vivacity.

2. You have a wrong attitude

If you are pessimistic in advance, most likely, Monday and the truth will disappoint you. Autosuggestion works. If you repeat in the morning, as you hate Mondays, the probability of living a good day falls sharply.

What to do

Start a tradition on Mondays to start the week with pleasure. For example, an unusual coffee in the morning or lunch with a friend. When something pleasant comes in front of you, Monday does not seem so tedious.

3. You are torn between two extremes

If all weekend you did not get up from the couch, the body is stressed when you need to get back to work. Thus the blood pressure rises and the state of health worsens.

What to do

After awakening for 30 seconds, take a deep breath and exhale. This will help maintain the pressure in the norm. And to your usual dinner, add spinach, in it are many useful substances for the heart.

4. You overdid with training

Maybe you’re so exhausted on Monday, because a lot of sports on weekends? After intense training, the whole body will whine.

What to do

Do yoga or walk in a vigorous step, so that the blood flowed to the muscles. This will ease the pain. If on the weekend you are, on the contrary, lazy, do not exercise until exhaustion on Monday. Otherwise, everything just hurts on Tuesday.

5. You leaned on alcohol

Or maybe you had a good time at the party? Excessive libations during the weekend for a day reduce the ability of macrophage cells to kill bacteria and viruses. Because of this, the risk of getting sick increases.

What to do

Keep yourself in hand. Limit alcohol consumption by two or three servings per evening. Try to stretch every serving for an hour and do not drink on an empty stomach. After each serving of alcohol, drink a large glass of water.

Image credit: Joanna Nix