How to Keep Your Home Clean While Remodeling

How to Keep Your Home Clean While RemodelingRegardless of the degree of complexity of the remodeling, pollution during work can not be avoided. Construction dust is dangerous to health, which causes allergies. It can not cope with a broom, nor a household vacuum cleaner. And so people are looking for affordable methods, how to remove dust after remodeling.

To solve this problem, it is important to adhere to some principles: to prevent the spread of dust during work and to clean up pollution at all stages. If the dust cloud breaks into clean rooms, then it is necessary to properly remove the pollution and take care of its safety.

Preparatory stage

Remodeling in an apartment or house starts from the preparation of the work area. This is necessary in order to protect the curtains, houseplants, small objects of the interior, etc. from pollution. It is important to maximize the space to make it easier to remove dirt after work.

Small and medium-sized household appliances are better to take out of the repaired premises, and large ones – to send in boxes or wrapped in film.

Then the room is divided into working areas. It is important to isolate the repaired premises from others. The opening of the door frame is hung with a dense material or a special film.

For this purpose, use old thick curtains, bed linen, most importantly, that their size matches the doorway. If there are cracks underneath or on the sides, then such a cloth does not fit.

If you hang the door with a cloth, moisten it slightly before using it, so it will absorb the dust into yourself. When the canvas dries or becomes heavily soiled, it is rinsed in clean water and again hung.

When remodeling a building film is often used. To fix the material on the doorway along its length, sew a zipper or make a kind of screen from 2 pieces of film, fixing their overlap. But it is important to leave a stock of 25 cm, which will block the junction.

Protect the rest of the room from contamination, to do this, close the door and close the slots with a damp cloth twisted into the roller. Similarly, it is recommended that slots are placed in the doors of other rooms.

After creating a protective structure from dust, you can carefully leave the area of ​​the repaired premises. So dirt will not spread to clean rooms.

To protect the windows use a transparent film. If you ignore this point, the glass will be covered with a thick ball of dust. To clean the windows you have to wash them 3 to 5 times with warm water and a rag.

In addition, you should be concerned about protecting the floor from dirt from walls and ceiling. It is important to cover its surface with a film. If there is high humidity in the room, then it is not worth remodeling with repairs, as the probability of damaging the parquet or laminate increases.

Soft and cabinet furniture, which remained in the working area, should be wrapped in a construction film. The cut must be wide so that the dust does not penetrate into the joints. Experts recommend putting 2 layers of film canvas, sharp corners covered with a soft cloth.

Thus, the preparatory phase includes the removal of small and medium items, floor protection, furniture and door openings.

Preventing the spread of dust

Construction dust contains a lot of dangerous chemicals that adversely affect the health status. It provokes an allergy, a violation of breathing. A fine suspension penetrates into the bronchi, lungs, irritates the mucous membrane of the eyes.

And so protection from dust during remodeling is an important nuance. Protect yourself from the negative effects of using a respirator and construction glasses. If there is no respirator, cover your mouth with a damp cloth while working.

If the weather is windless, then it is better to open the windows so that a part of the dust comes out. Close the frames already at the harvesting stage, so that the gray cloud does not rise.

While working with the drill, turn on the vacuum cleaner next to it, directing the hose so that the dust flow moves to the desired direction. In addition, some masters put a dust collector on the drill. Then the waste immediately falls into the plastic container, and does not fly apart.

Protect yourself and the room from the construction dust can be slightly treated with water surface of the spray. The main thing is not to violate the safety rules. After work, it is recommended to include an air humidifier, which will cause the cloud to settle on the floor.

If you shoot old wallpaper, paint or whitewash, then soak the surface with plenty of water. The softened layer will be easier to remove from the walls and less dust will settle down from it.

Thus, to facilitate cleaning, during operation it is necessary to open windows, use a dust collector and from time to time switch on the air humidifier.

Cleaning after remodeling

Cleaning is divided into stages to clean each site in turn. It will take longer, but removing construction dust after remodeling will be much easier.

The gray cloud rises after working with the drill, and therefore, before the next stage, cleaning is carried out. It is important to clean the work area so that the dust does not spread all over the room. To do this, the working area (air and floor) is sprayed with water from the spray gun, so dirt will be easier to clean. Rubbish and slurry are eliminated from each work site.

At the end of the remodeling, the territory is inspected, the remaining pieces of plaster, tile fragments, and paper trimming are removed. Large debris is cleaned manually, and small with a broom. Clean the room of dust in this way will not work.

Eliminate dust residues

Even after a phased and daily cleaning of dust, dust is still present in the room. To open the window frames now is not recommended, so that its remains do not spread over the renovated room. Dust clogged into corners, cracks, so get rid of it will be difficult. A broom and a dry rag will only raise a gray cloud that will eventually settle back.

Quickly remove the fine suspension will help a vacuum cleaner. Household appliances with a cloth bag with this task can not cope. In this case, use a device with paper bags or a plastic container.

Clean the house better with a building vacuum cleaner, this unit will collect even the smallest dust and will not release it back. Some owners rent this appliance at the time of harvesting, it will help to remove pollution from the floor, ceiling, walls.

It is necessary to carefully collect dust from corners, crevices, plinths and other places where it is collected. For cleaning use a flat nozzle with a bevelled angle. Paul vacuuming does not make sense. Before washing, linoleum should be sprinkled with water and gently cleaned with a broom or a brush. After that, the surface is washed with warm water and a rag.

Many people are looking for than washing off surfaces after working with a vacuum cleaner. For this purpose, use clean cloths or microfiber cloths. The second option is better, as rags are quickly contaminated, and they have to be thrown away. Wet cloth wipe the floor, walls, windows, etc. So that surfaces do not leave any stains, water is changed as often as possible.

People who have faced such a job, claim that immediately get rid of the dust will not work. An annoying gray cloud will still settle on the surfaces. To remove the layer of dust and get rid of the divorce, use a cloth moistened in vinegar (1 tablespoon of vinegar per 1 liter of water).

Before washing the floors, do not forget to moisten the air and surface with water from the sprayer and walk around with a broom. But do not overdo it, because a dirty pool is formed on the floor. If the suspension is slightly moistened, it will settle and crumble, after which it is removed with a brush or a mop.

Do not rub dust, as there will be stains on the floor, which are hard to clean.
Protective structures from the doorways are removed after the final cleaning. Before removal, they are sprinkled with water and carefully folded.

Thus, getting rid of the dust is difficult, but possible. To ensure that cleaning is not delayed, properly prepare the room and clean at every stage of the work. So your struggle with dust will be reduced by a few days.

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