How to Choose between a Light or Dark Floor?

How to Choose between a Light or Dark Floor?Image credit: midascode

When creating the interior of the room, special attention is paid to the coloring of the floor. The fact is that the practicality of this room and even the emotional state of the tenants may depend on its choice.

That’s why the interior design instruction recommends paying special attention to this.

Types of colors

First of all, it should be noted that the choice of drawing and coloring the floor is best guided by personal preferences. The fact is that, thus, you can achieve maximum effect, for a specific person.

In order to test such a combination as a light floor, a dark plinth or the like, it’s best to use a special program that will allow you to get a graphic representation of the future interior of the room.

Dark floor

Dark floor

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Dark surfaces are less marble and therefore are considered more practical. However, this does not mean that they do not need constant care.
Usually dark floor and light furniture are combined, but some masters prefer to choose interior items with a difference of just a few tones.
It is worth noting that the colors of this type look good in the bedrooms, in the bathrooms and even in the kitchen.

If it seems that such a room interior is gloomy or creates a harmful atmosphere, then you can use the simplest design decision. For this, light walls and dark floors are combined. At the same time, furniture can be used in any color, since anything can fit into this interior.
Separate attention deserves the fact that the dark surfaces have a positive effect on the person’s well-being. They do not cause irritation and contribute to soothing. It is also noted that a light kitchen and a dark floor contribute to a better assimilation of food.

It is important to remember that the term “dark” means any color of certain shades, not black or brown.

When choosing a particular color, you must consider its combination with other elements of the interior.
Therefore, it is worth making an initial project, which will display the arrangement of furniture.

Light floor

Light floor

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First of all, it is necessary to dispel the myth that such coloring is a brand and requires constant care. In fact, depending on which floor is better dark or light it is necessary to understand that this surface should be cleaned periodically, regardless of its color, and therefore it will be clean.
Usually a light floor and dark furniture are installed in the living room. Such shades of the surface create an additional volume, making the room visually larger and more spacious. Given the similar effect, many in small rooms.

It is worth noting that some people have bright and white colors that can cause discomfort. That is why most often combine a light floor and dark walls.
It must be remembered that white or beige floors require very careful selection of furniture. Otherwise, they lose their dignity and turn into an ordinary cover.
When you design such premises as a kitchen, such floors are used quite often. They allow you to apply various interior items, highlighting them on a general background. Therefore, the dark kitchen and a light floor differ in contrast and brightness of the forms of individual elements.
Separate attention in the manufacture of such surfaces should be given to small details. The fact is that thanks to them you can give the room an additional contrast. For example, a light floor and a dark plinth will look at any interior.

Usually, these surfaces are not made one-color.
Such floors are diluted with various patterns and patterns.
Ideally flat and white floors can cause discomfort.

Usually, light furniture and a dark floor is used to emphasize certain interior objects, highlighting them on a general background. Such solutions will look great in the bedroom or in the kitchen.
Whatever the shades of the surface, they will look natural and fit into the situation if a natural material is used to create the coating. Its price is usually higher than that of other components, but the effect is worth the money spent.

Sometimes the choice of colors can be solved by combining different shades and even materials. This method is often used by designers to visually distinguish space.
In order to have an idea of ​​the appearance of the room it is worth using computer programs of special purpose or sketches.

Standard interior – dark floor and light walls, will always be relevant and perfectly suited for the decoration of any room.
Using glossy surfaces gives a completely different effect.
If you choose a skirting board for several shades lighter or darker than the floor, then you can emphasize the interior elements.

If there is no ability to create your own design, then you can use ready-made solutions or implement any photo you like. However, it is necessary to take into account the specific features of the area and the personal wishes of the owners of the apartment.

However, if repairs are done by themselves, then do not rely on advice from neighbors or even professional designers. It is necessary to create an interior that will suit everyone, and at the same time adhere to natural colors.