How Often Do I Need To Change Door Locks?

How & When to Replace a Door LockHow solid your door would not be, sooner or later you’ll have to change the lock. Even with an incredibly high percentage of burglaries and apartment thefts, no resident of our city will simply want to change the castle. Therefore, I very much want to convey information about after what cases it is still worth doing. Replace the lock, if:

  • You or your household lost the key. Think what’s best: just change the lock or live in anticipation that the keys fell into the hands of unscrupulous people. A regular replacement will save your nerves and property.
  • If you moved to a new home. Change the lock for your own peace of mind about the fact that the previous tenants do not want to “accidentally” come on a visit and open the door of your house with your key.
  • If you rent a house. To the tenants did not make you complain about the unexpected guests in the form of former tenants. Your duty is to change the lock.
  • We bought an apartment in a new house. Perhaps the keys remained with the builders, among whom may be dishonorable people.
  • You noticed that the castle began to seize. Such a castle will break sooner or later, and, of course, this will happen at the most inopportune moment.
  • Have noticed on the lock any damages. Think, maybe someone already wanted to get into your apartment.
  • If the key to your house was left to an outsider. After divorces or quarrels, it is important to collect all the keys so that you do not find an unwanted person at home.

Have you decided to change the lock? Call specialists to replace the locks. They have extensive experience and a huge selection of the most durable and reliable locks. All work will be done quickly and accurately.

Image credit: neshom