Do You Know What to Do If You Lose Your Keys?

What to Do If You Lose Your Keys?At least once in a life each of us faced a situation when it was not possible to open the castle. Car, garage, apartment, office, safe – no matter what kind of castle, it’s important that you stand in front of a closed door and realize that you are powerless.

They prepared tips for you if you were in such an awkward situation.

What does not need to be done

First of all, the man standing in front of the door tries to knock the handle in the hope that a miracle will happen. However, miracles do not occur, the door does not succumb.

Then there are commotional attempts to find clips, pens, pins, and other accessories, which are so scary to get into the castle and stay there.

In the case of a successful catch you will definitely slide this item into the lock and try to do something with it. However, in 99.9% of cases this scheme does not work. At best, the item will be released by you on your own, and the castle will remain the whole. At worst, the lock will become defective, or the object will remain in it.

Do not try to open the castle with hand tools!

Further, as a rule, most people move to heavy artillery, that is, they find a hammer, an ax and other devices that may help to open the door. It seems that if you cut off around the castle, cut something, somehow knock the hammer, then the lock will open. But it’s not that simple.

Do not spoil the door leaf in the hope that the lock can be removed or extruded, thereby opening it.

It does not matter which castle you are trying to open with hand-made objects, knives and axes. The result will be one – you will not open the castle. Today, absolutely all locks: whether it’s door, car or safe, – have mechanisms that protect in one way or another from the opening of such methods.

What do you need to do

The most correct solution in the current situation will be the call of competent specialists who will open the castle. As long as you are waiting for the very specialists, do not try to do anything yourself.

It is better not to touch the castles at all. If you do not touch the castle, it will be much easier for a specialist to open it. This will take a few minutes. As a result, the door will be whole, and the castle will not suffer.

Always call the Specialist Locks!

By the way, speaking about the opening of the castles, here too there are a number of questions: from how much such a pleasure will cost, ending with where to call in general. The main rule that should always be remembered is to turn to specialized services that are professionally and continuously engaged in their business.

In order to never get into this situation, take the rule to carry a spare pair of keys. Use one pair as usual, and put the second one at the very bottom of the bag that you carry every day. You will always remember that lucky moment when you were so brilliantly inspired.

Image credit: mastersenaiper