How to Keep the Home in Order and Make Cleaning Process Easier

How to Keep the Home in Order and Make Cleaning Process EasierIf thoughts about the upcoming harvesting can plunge you into a state of depression, then it’s time to radically change the organization of this tedious process.

Drawing up a schedule of cleaning

Making an approximate schedule for cleaning your home, try to strictly adhere to it. It is possible that the first version of the distribution of work will be far from ideal, some mandatory activities will be overlooked.

Do not despair – make necessary changes in the plan and adjust for the fact that the schedule of cleaning in the house for some more time will inevitably be refined and refined.

Remove the cleaning of the bathroom, the washbasin and other sanitary equipment. The frequency is equal to once a week. Also, do a wet cleaning of the floors once a week, fight dust on the carpet once a week, remove it every two weeks from the furniture.

General cleaning of the kitchen can be done less often – once or twice a month. The same applies to the balcony. Bed linens are planned to be washed weekly, and curtains and curtains can be washed two to three times a year.

Thanks to this planning, you will get rid of cleaning work when one day it is necessary to restore order everywhere and everywhere.

Start a calendar on which mark or symbols of current, intermediate and general cleaning.

Positive attitude and home fitness

To the cleaning process, come up with a positive. Think about how comfortable and clean it will be in your home after cleaning, try to imagine a polished, polished table, velvety, without a single mote, a carpet and freshly fragrant kitchen and a bathroom.

Turn on energetic clockwork and try to move in time with it. This will not only raise your spirits, but will also set the whole process of establishing purity a certain rhythm.

Cleaning in the apartment is a great opportunity to do fitness, which is so often lacking time (and sometimes desires). Wiping the dust from the shelves and cabinets, perform stretching – so your posture will become slimmer, and the muscles – more flexible.

Be aware that reaching out to the farthest corners during washing the floor, you are training the muscles of the back and abdominals. While working with a vacuum cleaner, do not lead dejectedly and monotonously with its nozzle on the carpet, but perform various dance steps.

Involvement in household cleaning

Do not try to take on a heavy load to restore order in the apartment. Actively involve in cleaning of the husband and children. Define the work front for everyone. Use the carrot and stick method.

Maybe the first time your husband will not clean the chandelier perfectly or clean the tile in the bathroom, and the children will place their toys, books and clothes in their places, but with each subsequent cleaning they will get better and better.

Maintenance of cleanliness and order

When carrying out the planned cleanliness measures in the house, do not forget about the daily maintenance of order in your home. Do not let the slight disorder turn into a total chaos.

Agree, it is much easier and easier to wipe a damp sponge from the stove with a few fat drops, rather than after a few days cleaning it from the deposit and the seizing layer of fat. The same applies to the kitchen sink and sink in the bathroom.

Regularly shaking out the rug in the hallway and clearing the dust and sand gathered under it, you will not let them spread throughout the apartment, hence less time will be required for scheduled cleaning.

Stick to yourself and demand from household members to follow a simple rule – after using a thing, it must immediately be placed or placed in the space reserved for it.

Ability to part with unnecessary things

Cleaning is an excellent reason to get rid of unnecessary things, and, more simply, rubbish, inevitably accumulating in the apartment. Especially a lot of objects that have served their time have a property to accumulate on the balcony and in the pantry.

Do not be afraid to part with unnecessary things – if you did not need them until today, it is unlikely to be useful in the future.

Image credit: mohamed_hassan