Benefits of Teak Furniture

Benefits of Teak FurnitureWhen choosing furniture, do you value style, quality and durability? We draw your attention to teak furniture and give advantages.

Choosing furniture for the garden, as a rule, we are based on the seasonality of its use, so we often close our eyes to some of the qualities of the proposed and give as a result a preference for budgetary options. However, if you live in a house all year round and like outdoor gatherings from early spring and until late autumn, what then?

Perhaps you just need to pay attention to teak furniture, which has a number of advantages and definitely not only looks stylish, but also durable regardless of the weather conditions. It is not for nothing that the deck covering of yachts, as well as the interior finish, are often made of this tree.

Teak tree of forty-meter height, with a golden-brown texture, grows in the monsoon forests of South Asia and is a very valuable source of wood.

7 undeniable advantages of teak furniture:

Fact 1
Thanks to the richness of natural oils, the teak tree tolerates both cold and precipitation, and exposure to sunlight.

Fact 2
The properties of the tree structure do not like small parasites at all, which will save you from hassle with additional surface treatment.

Fact 3
Teak wood does not rot, which is especially important for garden furniture.

Fact 4
Teak furniture has a high build quality, where all joints are well processed.

Fact 5
Service life is more than 70 years! Agree, it is worth pondering.

Fact 6
Even after the perfect purchase, you have the opportunity to change the shade. When processing the surface of the tree with special means, you can preserve the original natural color. Excluding additional processing, depending on the environmental conditions, teak can change its hue, without losing its performance.

Fact 7
Furniture made of teak does not need special care.

Care of furniture

  • It is not desirable to allow for furniture strong pollution, so you should periodically wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Antistatic effect is achieved by treating the product with a special preparation.
  • With timely processing of garden furniture with teak oil or opening it with varnish, it will long please its beautiful golden color.
  • Always in demand furniture made of teak, with its natural warmth will create a cosiness in the interior of the house and the exterior of the country house site.

Image credit: rhyslud