The Importance Of Regular Tree Trimming And Pruning

The Importance Of Regular Tree Trimming And PruningBeautiful and flowering trees on the streets always revive the city, make it fresh and green. It’s very nice to have a walk in outdoor parks where young green trees have recently been planted. But what if the tree has dried up and is in a state of emergency? You need to take all liquidation measures immediately! Do not hesitate to solve the problem! After all, in the case of falling trees, it can damage the power lines, buildings, fall into the car, wound the passing person or fall on the child! Every year in the news you can see articles with stories about the victims. Do not let yourself be a victim!

Why are dried trees a danger?
Avoid dry large trees by the side: under the force of their weight they can not only injure, but also kill a man! In most cases, the fall of trees on the machines ends in the fact that they become completely unsustainable and can not be restored. When the electrical lines break, the voltage on the torn lines becomes an additional threat.

What shall I do?
The first thing that comes to mind to a person who wants to get rid of the possible danger of the fall of a dried tree is the idea of ​​how to cut a tree. Not always, this is the best idea, since cutting a tree is not so simple. There are a number of factors that should be taken into account before the work starts. First, calculate where the tree will fall. Be especially careful if it is near the house, remove all unnecessary items that are nearby. And most importantly, take care of yourself! Be careful: even a strong wind can shift the direction of movement. Second, correctly calculate the angle of the log. Make sure there are no power lines near you.

Who will help?
But still, if you are not sure what you can do without harming your health or the environment, call the professionals better. True experts can boast many years of experience. You do not have to risk your health and the integrity of the objects around!

True experts will turn your garden and shrubs into! Artists will shave dry branches, add a neat crown shape, make your garden green and blossoming!

Before the beginning of the work, experts decide to leave the tree alive or cut down under the root. To do this, you need to evaluate how damaged the barrel and root, or rather:

  • estimate the asymmetry of the tops of the tree;
  • measure how tight the trunk is;
  • check that the branches are not damaged by fungus, rot;
  • there is a bark;
  • struck or stemmed by pests;
  • check the state of the roots;
  • estimate the general condition for mechanical damage.

Next, a decision is taken on the method of logging. It can be a roll of a tree entirely, or separate parts of the trunk and branches. In any case, one must understand that without accurate calculations here can not do, because it has to work in a limited space.

Picture Credit: Isasza