ReSound Hearing Aids: Technology Made Smarter

One of life’s greatest joys is hearing.  Unfortunately, many individuals are not able to fully enjoy this pleasure due to the aging process or other hearing impairments that affect people of all ages.  ReSound Hearing aids have captured a modern way for anyone to hear what is going on in the life around them without others seeing a bulky hearing aid on the ear.  These hearing aids have the technology to make them work harder and stronger, which in turn leads to a happier customer.

ReSound Hearing aids come in many different types.  There are those that are worn in the ear, or in the ear canal.  Others can be worn behind the ear.  Some are visible, while others are hidden.  ReSound also offers three different types of performance levels:  basic technology level, advanced technology level, and ultimate technology level.  The greater the level, the more features the hearing aid will have.

In this article, you will learn about ReSound Hearing aids and the technology put into them that made them smarter than any other hearing aid on the market today.

Wirelessly Connected

ReSound Hearing aids can be connected wirelessly to devices.  What is even more is that it can be done in much greater distances than in the past, up to several meters.  Remote controls are now a thing of the past, which is a huge relief to those that used them in the past.  No more worrying about having to be a close distance from the remote or any other disruptions that would halt the hearing aid from working.

Top-Notch Accessories

ReSound Hearing aids offer top-notch accessories to make hearing easier.  These accessories are very discrete, so there is no issue with them being big and bulky.  Such accessories include:

  • ReSound Micro Mic- Simply clip this mic on the person you wish to have a conversation with. Sounds will be picked up within 80 feet of range, or more!  And background noise will not stand much of a chance when this microphone is in use.
  • ReSound Multi Mic- This microphone does two jobs in one. It can be used by clipping it on a person, or it can be used as a tabletop microphone.  This version works well when you wish to have conversations with many people.  It still works 8o feet or more in distance.  Plus, an added piece of technology is that it can stream music as it is FM and loop compatible.
  • ReSound Unite Phone Clip+- Talk in clear conversations while streaming your phone calls. When the clip is not being used for phone calls, it can be used as a remote control for your hearing aid.

Unprecedented Sound Quality

ReSound Hearing aids offer the best of the best when it comes to sound quality.  Clear and precise audio will be delivered to the hearing aid with little to no interruption from background noises.   

Greater Technology For Tinnitus Sufferers

If you know of anyone that suffers from tinnitus, you know their main complaint is high pitched noises constantly ringing in the ears.  And doctors state that there is nothing they can do.  However, with a ReSound Hearing aid, tinnitus sufferers can turn down the effects of the ringing.  By wearing a ReSound Hearing aid, soothing sounds can be played, offering much relief to those that can not stop the ringing any other way.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best hearing aid, consider consulting with Countryside Hearing Aids Services.  Hearing is one of life’s greatest joys, and with ReSound Hearing aids, it can be something that anyone of any age can enjoy

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