Transform Your Home with a Stretch Ceiling

Transform Your Home with a Stretch CeilingFinding a person who has heard absolutely nothing about stretch ceilings will probably be almost impossible today. However, everyone is far from fully possessing information about their varieties and capabilities. And only a few know that stretch ceilings, compared with all other ceiling finishes, are the most profitable solution.

The most popular among the stretch ceiling structures today are glossy stretch ceiling systems. This situation is explained by the unique ability of a glossy canvas to create a mirror image of all those objects that are in this room. Today there are no other similar materials that could repeat this effect.

For example, a fairly well-known tension system with a matte canvas, is characterized by the ability to create a fairly original velvet effect, but it absolutely does not have reflective abilities, does not form glare, and does not visually expand the space. Only an extremely glossy canvas, thanks to the volume reflection created by it, is capable of making the ceiling in the room quite interesting and spectacular.

Properly using such a mirror effect, you can quite easily visually increase not only the height, but also the volume of the room, as well as make it lighter. However, in order to maximize this effect, the owner of the premises will need to take care of the correct location of the sources of artificial lighting.

Today, manufacturers offer a very extensive range of various types of films for such ceiling systems, differing in their structure, shade and degree of transparency. Properly picking up the film and correctly installing the lamps to illuminate the ceiling structure from the inside, you can achieve a very original effect and transform the room almost beyond recognition.

Such tensioning systems can be used in almost all areas of a house or apartment (in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, etc.). They are absolutely environmentally friendly, are not afraid of moisture, stress and mechanical damage, do not ignite and do not fully support combustion.

And, finally, the most important advantage of stretch glossy ceilings is that with their help you can hide all the flaws on the main surface (various spots, unevenness and cracks) without any problems.

Picture Credit: gossmann_spanndecken