Innovative Glass Design

Innovative Glass DesignIn their developments, the best designers of the world constantly use one of the most versatile materials – glass. This did not happen immediately. For a long time glass products were used only as dishes and decorative ornaments. Having deprived the glass of its main drawbacks – monotony and fragility, modern technologies made it possible to use it much more widely. Today, only the traditions and inertia of the thinking of society interfere with the inexhaustible artistic possibilities of glass for architecture and design.

Glass partitions and structures – new opportunities for design
The technological capabilities of new enterprises have made available the transfer to large surfaces of the advantages of glass, which previously were available only to skilled glassblowers in the manual manufacture of artistic tableware. Retaining its main advantages – light transmission, transparency, gloss and plastic, glass with the help of new technologies acquires:

  • asymmetrical and curved forms (with the help of glass bending – “bending”);
  • the possibility of applying any digital images (with UV printing using ink jet printers);
  • artistic graphics (sandblasting);
  • various colors, their shades and combinations (lacquer, opaque, glazing coating);
  • artistic effects (when using etching, satin, dyes for glass).

All this allows unconventional and innovative interior solutions of modern apartments using glass and combinations of other materials with it – wood, non-ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic. Such positive examples of new design can already be seen in the solutions of furniture and doors (terraced, interior, sanitary facilities). Particularly interesting are the glass walls and sliding doors of country houses, which make it possible to combine the interior spaces and adjacent structures into a single space – a terrace, a pool, a pier, an embankment. There are also projects using glass mobile and stationary partitions.

Mobile and stationary partitions and glass constructions can create an excellent design of the living space. In a large room, high and narrow partitions visually reduce the size of the room, divide it into separate spaces. In small one-room studios – small partitions can distinguish different zones: working, kitchen, children’s. At modern enterprises of art and architectural glass, you can order glass furniture, stained glass, mirrors – not only standing on the stream, but also according to your own sketch.

Especially often various glass surfaces are used by fashionable high-tech and minimalism currents. The stingy drawing graphics on the glass matte surface of the partition, the same built-in shelves are organic for minimalist design.

Bright UV-print posters on glass will make the rest of the hi-tech style decor decide. Without making unnecessary efforts to overhaul or reconstruct the apartment – the use of glass will allow you to completely change its appearance.

Picture Credit: andremergulhaum