How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in The Home

How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in The HomeFor the unpleasant smells in the apartment are most likely to be smokers, people who like to cook and animal owners. We recommend proven methods for easy removal of bad smells. We advise you on what to do to make your home smell nice again.

The smell of cigarettes in the apartment – how to get rid of it
Before we reach for ready air fresheners, the smell of cigarettes can be eliminated with baking soda. You need to put a few spoons of baking soda on the saucer and place in each room in which the smoker gives himself to his addiction. Soda absorbs smells.

Drinking coffee and smoking often go hand in hand. Here the coffee will help: the aroma of coffee, especially the freshly brewed one, held on the brewing machine, removes the unpleasant smell of cigarettes. About the use of coffee in removing the odors of cigarettes: it is recommended to grind coffee and put it in fabric scented sachets, then hang in rooms where you can smell nicotine. The sachets should partially absorb smoke. Every week or one and a half sachets should be emptied, washed and filled with fresh coffee.

Like soda and coffee, the smell from cigarettes reduces cinnamon and vinegar (although this is not a good solution for people who can not stand the smell of vinegar).

In order for the clothes to not smell cigarettes, it is a good idea to put a few slices of lemon or other citrus, for example grapefruit, into the washing machine before they are discharged. They will pick out these unpleasant odors during washing. Regular washing of bedding, blankets, curtains, curtains, pillows and other textiles is equally recommended in the smoker’s house.

Anti-smoking candles, although they look no different than ordinary candles, will fulfill their task, because they will deal with the persistent smell of tobacco smoke. In the fight against the smell of cigarette smoke, tea tree oil is also helpful. A cloth dampened in this oil can be used to wipe away dust and nicotine from furniture and other equipment.

If you plan to refresh the rooms and paint the walls and ceilings that “smell” with smoke, it is worth first to wash them with gray soap and then paint it, as latex paint will work as a new coating because it does not accept smoke and is easy to clean – a washing vacuum cleaner will be helpful in combating the smell of cigarettes and can be used to refresh upholstered furniture and carpets, rugs and carpets.

A nice fragrance will be filled with incense and essential oils. Ozonator is a device that is used to eliminate dust (not from shelves, only from the air) and deal with bacteria and fungi, but also helps to get rid of cigarette smoke.

 So that when the fish is prepared, their smell does not spread around the apartment, before frying, the fish should be thoroughly washed. Some have also soaked them for a quarter of an hour in milk. You can use vinegar to neutralize the smell of the fish, soaking the fish in it for a moment. If before frying or during frying, sprinkle the fish with freshly squeezed lemon juice, the scent will also be less intense.

The temperature at which we fry the fish must be observed. When it’s too high, the smell will be just as intense. However, knives and other cutlery and dishes after using them to prepare the fish should not land in the dishwasher to wait for washing. It is better to clean the dishes and cutlery after the fish immediately after we finish preparing food. Chop the cutting board before starting work in cold water, but after work, wash and rub with lemon zest.

Some of the chefs serving fish wash their hands, rubbing them with salt (possibly baking soda), and then washing with ordinary soap. You can also wash your hands in salted water, and after that – rinse and wash with normal soap. Salt kills the smell of fish. Be careful, because who has injured places on the hands, this salt should not use. Another way – and safer in the event of cuts – is to wash your hands in coffee grounds. It turns out that they act like a scent neutralizer. Another method: hand rubbing with lemon juice, and after a few minutes washing with soap, also results.

The smell of animals in the apartment
It is said that pets smell uncomfortably and many owners agree with this opinion (although there are those who are used to the smell of animals, so they do not even sense it). Systematic cleaning of the bed, sandbox or cage is often too little to remove the bad smell of a dog, cat or rabbit. As an animal runs around the house, it is natural that it loses its fur. You have to sweep it, sometimes even several times a day. If the cat cleans itself thoroughly, it is difficult to suspect a dog. When you can smell the specific smell of a dog’s hair (e.g. wet) at home, some gently sprinkle his fur with baking soda, then massage it and comb it with a brush. There are also drugstore products on sale. These preparations are often spray-based (and sometimes have soda in the composition, because it removes the smells), they are sprayed with pet hair. Even there are special perfumes (without alcohol) for animals. This is, for example, perfumes for cats and dogs, although some say that such cosmetics are already an exaggeration.

When the home fur coat is settled on the floor, one needs to pour a little vinegar into the bowl with water and wash the surface with this solution. Then, wash it again, this time with liquid for floors, in order to eliminate the smell of vinegar. When the pet gets cleaned on the rug, it is also worth reaching for the vinegar. After gluing it to a particular place, after a while you should press a paper towel to absorb the residue, and thus the rest of the vinegar, along with the unpleasant odor on our favorite. There are also preparations that eliminate the stains and smell of animal urine from the carpet. In our opinion, in an apartment where quadrupeds live or quadrupeds, bare floors work best.

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