Great Colors to Paint a Bedroom

Great Colors to Paint a BedroomThe bedroom should be our oasis of peace. In addition to a comfortable bed and beautiful bedding, the color of the walls is of key importance for the interior design. What colors and paints are best to choose? Check our tips.

Type of paint
For painting the bedroom, we usually use acrylic and latex paints. They are efficient, available in many colors and easily and evenly spread on the walls. They usually also create a washable coating, thanks to which we are able to remove minor dirt from the walls. This is the most popular choice among people who paint this room.

For the bedroom, which can be exposed to frequent cleaning of the walls (e.g. in a children’s bedroom), it is worth using ceramic paint. You can scrub such a paint – thanks to the increased resistance to washing, the protective coating will not be disturbed and the color will remain perfect.

Bedroom paint should also be hypoallergenic and have appropriate certificates that will confirm that it is not harmful to our health. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics should also opt for anti static paints that reduce the amount of dust deposited on the walls and provide us with comfort during the night rest.

Color inspirations
Which colors are best to choose? It depends on many factors: the size of the room, the color of the furniture – but above all our preferences. Below you will find a few color inspirations.

A great choice for bedrooms with large windows. A well-lit space will perfectly match the bright shade of turquoise on the walls. It will perfectly correspond with colorful accessories, such as pillows and rugs in intense colors. A morning in such a bedroom will surely provide us with energy for the day.

Light violet
This option should be considered by furniture owners in dark shades of wood – such as cherry and mahogany. Bright violet will beautifully highlight their color and give the bedroom an elegant and stylish expression.

Navy accent
A perfect idea for a bedroom with a larger area. If the ceiling and the remaining walls are painted in snow white or other bright color, we can afford one wall in a strong, intense color. Ideally, if it is a wall behind the headboard of our bed, so that it does not distract our eyes during falling asleep.

Delicate color
If you do not like snow-white walls, and paints in typical pastel shades do not really suit us – this solution may interest us! Just add a bit of colored pigment to the white paint. The color of the walls perfectly emphasize the additions in the same shade, but a little more intense saturation. A fashionable and stylish effect!

Picture Credit: AddiGibson