How to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget

How to Remodel Your Kitchen on a BudgetHow to make a redesign of the kitchen with minimal investment
Creating coziness and comfort in the house is one of the most important tasks. And special attention should be paid to the kitchen – to make its redesign today, you can with minimal investment.

Of course, this room should be not only stylish, but also functional, because it is here that all relatives and friends usually gather.

You can upgrade your kitchen design with your own hands. To do this, you need to take into account several factors, understand what exactly you want to change and draw up a plan of work.

Individual elements are able to revive the atmosphere.
A kitchen redesign is not necessarily a large-scale repair, sometimes in order to change the perception of a room, you just need to add a few new parts or change existing ones.

Repaint the walls. After some time, the kitchen walls grow dull – soot and burning products settle on them, which doesn’t have a good effect on the interior. Designers recommend choosing bright colors for the kitchen: green, orange, yellow or blue, they will provide positive emotions and good mood.

Update the headset. If the purchase of new kitchen furniture in your plans is not yet included, then you can try to restore it yourself.

Polishing, replacing doors or adding new decorative elements will help to change the interior radically without much effort.

Replace the counter top. An alternative may well be granite, wood or cork counter tops.

Organize new lighting. Conventional lamps effectively cope with their tasks, but the built-in lamps look much more interesting.

Purchase new equipment. Now household appliances have become a full-fledged part of the interior and the purchase of new appliances can radically change the look of the room.

Even insignificant details at first glance will help to completely change the design of the kitchen and make it more comfortable.

How to make a redesign of the kitchen with minimal investment

Combinations of colors and shapes
The importance of color in the interior should not be underestimated – the colors around us have a direct impact not only on the emotional state, but also on our well-being. The successful combination of colors in the design of the kitchen is the key to comfort, good mood and excellent appetite.

All designers know how important the color palette is and how it can change the perception of a room. With the correct selection of shades, it is even possible to correct an unsuccessful room geometry. If the kitchen in the apartment is not too large, then you should paint the walls in light pastel colors, shading them with bright furniture or decorative elements. At the same time, a spacious room can be made more comfortable by choosing warm, bright colors for it.

It is permissible to use a combination of several colors at once, but it is worth noting that there should not be more than four of them, otherwise the abundance of colors will negatively affect perception. Monochrome design of the kitchen interior is very popular, but in this case the shades of the walls, the floor and the headset should still differ slightly from each other. In any case, only one color can be dominant, and all others should act as a supplement. As for the combination of tones, the best look combinations of yellow and green, orange with blue and red with white.

The most harmonious in the interior of the kitchen look simple forms, but in general, everything depends on the chosen style. So, hi-tech implies the existence of strict straight lines, whereas in the modern style, on the contrary, more natural, “natural” combinations are used, and the country style is completely deliberately simple and coarse.

Original accessories
One of the most interesting stages in the design of the kitchen, of course, is the decoration. In fact, you can choose any accessories for decorating the room, as long as they do not contradict the overall style decision.

Curtains stand out among the main elements – translucent models of tulle or organza look very interesting. You can either give preference to the classic options, or make a choice in favor of fashionable and practical Japanese curtains. Anyway, be sure to consider the fact that curtains should not interfere with light and free air circulation.

Dishes can also turn into a stylish element of decor. Kitchen utensils can be placed on a separate rack, and beautiful plates can be arranged on the shelves. For storing cereals, it is worth buying the same jars, which should also be in harmony with the overall style.

You can liven up the atmosphere with the help of original household appliances – today it comes in a wide variety of colors, which makes it easy to choose the right option. You can completely change the room without much hassle.

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