How to Sleep Better: Simple Steps to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

How to Sleep Better: Simple Steps to Getting a Good Night's SleepHow can I get better sleep? Take care of the hygiene of sleep, so that every morning you wake up refreshed and regenerated.

A nicely furnished bedroom, appropriate conditions and good old habits will make this task easier for you.

If you want to sleep well, and wake up in the morning with energy, first of all take care of the air in the bedroom. The basis would seem to be airing, but considering the smog and pollution outside, better to trust modern technology and use the air purifier. To ensure that we do not inhale harmful chemicals, we use products with approvals and recommendations from health institutions to finish the interior.

Another important thing is a comfortable mattress adapted to our weight, which will provide adequate support for the spine in every position, as well as bedding – light, with high thermal insulation, but at the same time guaranteeing free air flow. Before choosing a bedroom furnishing, it’s worth finding out what to look for.

1. Asylum in your favorite style
A real, good rest is only possible in the right environment. Try to make the bedroom your refuge. Bet on your favorite colors (rather from the subdued palette of natural colors) and pleasant to the touch materials.

2. Window decor: curtains
The curtains have unusual decorative potential, but the bedroom should mainly serve to darken the interior. In this role, materials that do not allow sunlight to work.

3. Reading before bedtime
Minimum thirty minutes before bedtime put down your tablet or phone. Blue light, emitted by their displays, our brains receive as a signal that it lasts a day. And that makes it harder for us to fall asleep and rest. That’s why it’s better to reach for a book. Remember about good lighting!

4. Soft and cozy
Bring cozy accents to the bedroom, such as pillows, fabrics, and even a soft headboard. You can do it yourself or order it – just in the style that suits you.

5. The right mattress
It should have the best antibacterial and anti fungal properties and stand out with resistance to deformation. Good ventilation also counts. Mattresses with hardness zones corresponding to the needs of particular parts of the body are very good. It is worth choosing a model with a removable cover that can be washed.

6. Clean air
Poor ventilation or exposure to tobacco smoke and other air pollutants can cause headaches, malaise, irritability, and sleep problems. So, it’s a good idea to ventilate the room, and it’s best to have a special air purifier. It eliminates even very small impurities, viruses and bacteria as well as dust and mite allergens.

7. Living green
Being surrounded by greenery regenerates vitality and calms you down. When decorating the bedroom, do not forget about the plants.

8. Blue color

Blue color
The blue color is recommended for the bedroom because it calms down and calms down. This color reminds us of the natural – sky, water, wild flowers, fresh air. In the bedroom, let’s decide on subdued blue, dim indigo. In an arrangement maintained in a palette consisting of different shades of one color, we can combine various designs with each other. White and gray will be a perfect background for them.

Picture Credit:DarthZuzanka,  C_Scott