How To Choose The Color Of Doors And Floor

Floor and door. Select the colorIt is possible to do qualitative repair, but to spoil all impressions of the work done by some, at first glance, a slight touch. Quite often, such a stroke may be wrongly selected the color of the floor and the door, as well as baseboard. Let’s look at how to prevent such a mistake.

Floor and door. Select the color

The first and most win-win option is to pick up the door of the same color as the floor covering. This option is great for the kitchen. For the vestibules, it is also good, especially in those halls where several doors immediately go out. At the same time, all doors should be installed from the same material and in accordance with their tone should pick the floor in the corridor.

If you have a small room that is constantly darkened, where windows extend east or north, the floor and skirting, and often furniture should be selected light, golden color, then the room will already seem much more sunny and well lit.

Another way to pick a floor and door is to create a well-defined contrast between the two elements. For a floor you can choose a color dark, but for the door is already light, or on the contrary, the floor will have your light, but the door is already darker.

Furniture is usually selected based on the color of the door. But here it should be borne in mind that the contrast you create between the door and the floor you have to turn out to be well expressed.

The floor, doors and furniture in the room should be either warm or cold colors – the combination of warm and cold looks just awful. Also, it should be kept in mind that if the door is light and the floor is darker than the baseboard should be selected based on the color of the door. If you have all the other way around – then you can do it both under the color of the door leaf and under the color of the floor covering.

And last, you do not need to ever use three different colors for the floor, door and skirting. In this case, the colors should be only two and no more. If you follow all these rules, then even a simple repair will look very stylish and solid.

Picture Credit: BostonRoomsqimono