How To Clean Your Apartment Efficiently And Quickly

How To Clean Your Apartment Efficiently And QuicklyIf it is properly carried out a cleaning in the apartment, then within a month, or even two, it will only be necessary to maintain cleanliness in it. All that is needed for this is to stick to a few simple tips.

Cleaning plan in each room

To ensure that a brilliant cleaning in the apartment took as little time as possible, and in every room there is cleanliness and order, it is necessary to adhere to a certain sequence of actions. Where do I start cleaning in the apartment?

Before you proceed directly to cleaning individual rooms, you need to wash the windows in each of them and put all the large textiles – blankets, curtains, tablecloths into the wash. After that you can start cleaning in the rooms. Remember that it is not necessary to perform all the work in one day, the process can be divided into several stages.

Cleaning in the kitchen

Cleaning in the kitchen begins with the defrosting of the refrigerator. After that, it is worth to unload all the cabinets and shelves, wipe off dust from them, wash them and wipe them dry. Do not interfere with disinfection, especially those places where food is stored. Be sure to check all bags and cans of cereals for insects.

Another mandatory cleaning step in the kitchen is washing the stove and oven. Particular attention should be paid to the walls around the plate, they should be treated with degreasing agents. Do not forget about the sink, as well as all the kitchen utensils. The floor is washed out last.

Cleaning in the bedroom

When cleaning in the bedroom, check the walls and ceiling for mold, and if it is found, remove it. Carefully knock out or vacuum the beds, mattress, pillows. Completely empty the cabinets, do a wet cleaning in them, since it is there that the most dust accumulates there.

In the bedroom you need to wipe all small objects, lamps, furniture with a damp rag. When washing the floor, pay special attention to the space under the beds and cupboards. If cleaning takes place during the change of seasons, but remove all clothes from cabinets and cupboards that will not be useful in the coming months.

Cleaning the living room

Living room – here the most attention deserves soft furniture. With it you need to remove the covers and thoroughly wash. If the room has carpets, then they should be taken out onto the street and properly dislodged. Also, special attention is needed for bookcases and shelves, they accumulate a lot of dust.

By the way, house plants also need to be wiped from dust. And do not forget about household appliances and furniture under it – wipe the dust under the TV  and other electronics.

Cleaning in bathroom and toilet

Bathroom and toilet need the most thorough cleaning, as in these rooms the dirt accumulates most rapidly and the pathogenic bacteria multiply. Remove all containers from the shelves and from the lockers, wipe them. Using special tools, treat the tile.

Cleaning of sanitary ware can be given a separate day, as this is one of the longest and most laborious processes during cleaning. Do not forget to ventilate the bathroom and the toilet after cleaning, so that the dampness does not accumulate there.

Cleaning in the hallway

Entrance hall – here it is necessary to conduct a thorough wet cleaning, after removing all clothes and shoes. Wash all the mats and other fabric covers, wipe the mirrors and glass surfaces with specialized tools.

When performing cleaning in any of the rooms, you need to observe a number of simple rules – start from the top and finish washing the floors, after wet cleaning, wipe all surfaces dry, ventilate cabinets and other enclosed spaces. And do not forget about clothes and shoes, bed linens and cases on furniture – all this must be washed and cleaned.

General cleaning is carried out at least once a year. It is best to do this when changing seasons, that is, in the fall and spring.

Picture Credit: orzalaga