7 Warning Signs that it’s Time to Repair or Replace your Roof

7 Warning Signs that it’s Time to Repair or Replace your RoofIt’s time to change the roof – these are words that will make anyone shudder. And not only the person, but also his purse. How to determine that this moment has come?

Roofing on the roof of your home is what the well-being and good mood of the people living in it depend on (what good mood can there be if it flows from the roof ?!).

And it is very important not to miss the very moment when the problem with the roof can not be solved with the help of current, and even major repairs. And when it’s time to completely change the old roof to a new one.

But how to understand that the very same moment has come, and it is impossible to postpone the renewal of the roofing cover and it’s time to change the roof?

1. Your roof will soon “celebrate” its 25th anniversary.

A quarter of a century is the threshold when the endless exploitation of the roofing materials of most manufacturers ends. Of course, the roof can last longer, but 25 years is the age after which the roofing experts advise to take a closer look at their roof. It’s like with a person’s health – someone has stronger, someone is weaker. But when you reach adulthood, it is more reliable to check with specialists – it is time for annual in-depth prophylactic examinations.

2. Repairing the roof changes the color of your roof

From a functional point of view, everything in your roof can be in order. Even if some elements of the roof (individual roofing sheets, tiles of ceramic or soft tiles, parts of the floating roofing material, etc.) are subject to replacement because of the resulting damage or leaks, in terms of the ability to protect the house from bad weather, the roof can continue to perform its function.

But when replacing a part of the roof, it may turn out that it is already impossible to pick up the roofing sheet or the tile tile in color to the old one. Years change the color of any roofing material – the direct rays of the sun do their work.

Of course, you can still prolong the life of the roof, if you change its problematic parts to new ones. But after that, the color of the roof will never be uniform. Hardly do you want your roof to look like a lot of latte clothing. Then it’s time for you to change the roof.

3. Cracks in the roofing material

This is a sign of serious deterioration of the roof (first of all, we are talking about asbestos cement slate, soft bituminous roofing). Here the current repair is unlikely to solve the problem for a long time. If only a few areas are damaged by the cracks, they can still be replaced. But if the destruction affected the entire roof – it’s time to choose a new roofing material.

4. In the gutter appeared parts of the roofing material

If there are particles of roofing material in the drainpipes, then the destruction of the roof has gone so far that it is time for the roof to be renewed.

5. Moss began to grow on the roof

But this sign can be ignored – unless it offends your aesthetic feelings. Moss especially “likes” shingles, clay tiles, soft tiles, asbestos-cement slate.

There are two ways to solve this problem:

  • clean the roof and treat it with special antibacterial compounds,
  • replace the roofing with a new one.

6. In the attic appeared sunlight

This is not just a bad sign, but a very bad sign. It means that your roof is so leaky that it ceased to perform its functions of protection against unfavorable environmental factors. If sunlight penetrated the roof, then rain, wind and cold will penetrate there. Then it’s time to change the roof.

7. The roof began to sag

This is the worst sign. If the roof sagged – then your house has serious structural problems:

  • the roof has problems with crates or rafters,
  • the house has problems with the foundation.

Image credit: Done Rite Roofing