Metal Shingles Roofs & Their Pros and Cons

Metal Shingles Roofs & Their Pros and ConsMetal shingles roofs are roofing material in the form of copper, aluminum or steel sheets, covered with a special protective polymeric layer and profiled by cold pressure. Decisively every building material has certain drawbacks and advantages. There are no pluses and minuses and metal shingles roofs. The main advantages of this roofing material are:

1. Economical.

To date, metal roof tile is considered as a rather inexpensive roofing material. Moreover, especially the cost-effectiveness of this building material is manifested in view of the long duration of its useful operation, which is equal to 50 years.

2. Low weight.

One meter square tile weighs about 6 pounds, which has a beneficial effect on the process of mounting this roofing material, as well as the ease and cost of transporting it. In addition, due to such a small weight, the metal tile practically does not create an additional load on the walls of the building, which is very important when arranging the roof of the building with the problem foundation.

3. Resistance to external factors.

Due to its unique structure, metal shingles roofs can be used in any climatic zones and in any weather. Thus, the roof made of metal shingles roofs will not only affect the resistance to various mechanical damage, but it will undoubtedly easily be able to withstand even the prolonged exposure of ultraviolet rays, as well as precipitation in the form of snow, rain and hail.

4. Aestheticism.

It is necessary to note the fact that the metal tile in the modern construction market is presented in a very rich color and texture variety. This means that whatever it is decided, one or another building, the designer is guaranteed to choose the metal tile, which will adorn the structure, will emphasize its stylistic solution and successfully shade the color performance.

5. Fire safety.

Galvanized steel, as well as other materials that are used most often for the production of metal shingles roofs, are neither able to burn nor maintain combustion.

And now it’s worth noting the main disadvantages, which, unfortunately, are not deprived of metal:

1. High noise during hail and rain.

Yes, indeed, residents of some buildings, whose roof is made of metal, complain of an unpleasant and loud noise in those hours when the streets are raining or hailstones. However, such a sound for the roof of the metal tile, which was erected at a really high professional level, is not typical.

2. Large material losses during construction of roofs of complicated construction.

Metal shingles roofs are in fact not the best material for the construction of roofs of complex structures due to the large amount of waste. However, given the low cost of this roofing material, as well as its other indisputable advantages, sometimes even such losses are quite justified. In order to minimize the existing defects of metal shingles roofs, as well as maximize its advantages, the acquisition of this roofing material costs only from truly trusted companies with many years of experience in the market.

Image credit: Done Rite Roofing