Commercial Cleaning Services Versus Self-Cleaning

Cleaning services against self-cleaning

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If you compare cleaning services against self-cleaning at home, the cleaning company offers a number of advantages.

The first step to a healthy clean house, his regular cleaning. Obligations imposed on people by family and work can make cleaning a difficult task, due to the lack of time. Given the current level of service by professional cleaning companies, your floors will be vacuumed, washed, disinfected on a regular basis. This helps remove allergens such as dust, pollen and dandruff, as well as viruses and bacteria around the house. After hiring a cleaning service provider, homeowners will never have to worry about unexpected visitors.

Homeowners may not have enough time to put things in order, there may be more important obligations than cleaning. In addition, depending on the company, professional cleaners can use more efficient equipment, procedures or products than are available to the consumer in their own home.

For example, a commercial vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters can catch up to 99% of dust, allergens, bacteria, dust mites, pet hair, pollen and other contaminants.

Commercial vacuum cleaners underwent independent testing, which proved the fact that their efficiency is 2.5 times higher than traditional vertical vacuum cleaners.

If the homeowner has a pet that raises rates even higher due to pet hair, which is also an allergen and a carrier of infections.

When we are dealing with an ordinary vacuum cleaner, tiny allergens can pass right through the garbage bag, so you can only exacerbate the situation even further by lifting dust from the carpet into the air. This does not happen with commercial vacuum cleaners, which are used by professional cleaning companies.

Professional vacuum cleaners can catch particles that make up only 1 / 210th of the diameter of a human hair.

The conclusion of a contract with a cleaning company means an increase in cleaning efficiency.

The methods of professional cleaning companies can literally make the home cleaner and healthier than using most traditional cleaning methods.

A wise idea is also, before hiring a supplier, to make sure that you are interested in the philosophy of the company. For example, cleaning services include cleaning under the beds, as well as ventilation holes, the air-conditioning lead line and other places not typical for normal cleaning, designed to reduce the amount of dust and allergens in the house.

Professional cleaners also wipe the skirting boards and window sills the first time they visit the house, they regularly clean and clean the areas of the house, providing the amount of cleaning that the average landlord can not handle over the weekend.

In addition, employees of a professional cleaning company are trained in the proper use of funds. The landlord, however, can use the chemistry for cleaning or decide to try something new from cleaning products without having an idea of ​​the correct application of the cleaning agent or on what surfaces it can be safely used, the result can be costly surface damage.

professional cleaning company

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Cleaning services offer safety along with cleaning efficiency. Many cleaning companies send a team of four for cleaning. Thus, in about an hour, cleaning services can save the homeowner four hours of free time, which allows you and your finger not to hit to get a clean house!

If the landlord does not have time to clean his own house, he can always consider hiring a cleaning company or a private maid. Just do not forget to ask about the cleaning procedures, facilities and equipment that the company uses. When it comes to hiring a cleaning services provider, you are the right company you can trust. Find the nearest cleaning company in your city.