The 10 Most Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes

The 10 Most Common Small Business Marketing MistakesMistake No. 1. Your marketing is not marketing
If we do not build quality relationships with customers, we will not be able to manage them and all costs will be in vain. Remember that marketing is not brand promotion and advertising, but a system of comprehensive consumer research.

The consumer is the primary focus of the marketer. Only after studying it can a successful strategy be developed. Otherwise, this is not marketing.

Mistake number 2. Who still likes you?
Do not try to please everyone. Have you seen a product with the following description: “for men and women 18-60 years of age with income below average, medium and high”? Most probably not. And nobody will buy it. Find your target audience. Solve her problems, find out the needs. The experience of successful companies shows that the key to success is that a certain (albeit even a small) group of people think that you have no equal.

Mistake number 3. Why exactly you?
Sometimes customers themselves do not understand what is the value of their product. Therefore, the formulation of USP is one of the main steps on the road to success.

USP (unique selling proposition) is a clear answer to the consumer’s question why he should choose you.

The specifics, simplicity and uniqueness are important here. The target audience should see obvious benefits in order to buy your product, and not use the services of a competitor.

Mistake number 4. You save on marketing
Anyone who uses a large number of cheap promotion channels and refuses interesting and thoughtful decisions is at risk of being stuck on the same level or burnt out. Underestimating the benefits of a good marketing company is the last thing to do.

Marketing audit is a comprehensive analysis of your marketing activities, goals and objectives. After receiving the audit results, you can look at your company from a different angle: how efficiently the budget is spent, whether advertising channels are well-chosen, how the sales department works, and whether the strategy is chosen correctly.

Mistake number 5. We decide not that
It happens that the management of the company orders an audit of the advertising campaign in order to eliminate errors, and they lie in a completely different place. For example, the director of an online store thinks that banners hung here and there are ineffective, but in fact an employee from the sales department simply sleeps at the workplace.

Sometimes the customer does not trust the researcher and gives him insufficient, if not completely false information. And in that, and in another case, the analytics of even the most experienced marketer will not lead to business development.

Mistake number 6. Wrong methods
There are a lot of marketing research methods, but not all may be suitable for you. Some just do not reflect the features of your brand. There is no universal method. One researcher will solve all problems using a survey on the Internet, and another will have to recruit a focus group to conduct an interview. Remember that the choice should be individual in each case.

Error No. 7. There is no contact with the performer
If you ordered a marketing research, then do not leave the situation without control. Interact with the researcher, provide him with new information on the issue being addressed.

Mistake number 8. No analysis of the results of marketing research
Or there is, but it is made poorly. However, the choice of marketing tools and strategy development depends on it. It is very important at this stage not to make mistakes.

For example, a study showed that chewing gum of one brand is mainly bought by schoolchildren aged 15 to 18. However, management left this data unattended and did not think how it could help. Marketers did not adapt the text on banners to the target audience and did not attract advertising channels on social networks. As a result, campaign costs continued to grow, but there were no more customers.

Mistake number 9. You are chasing performance
If you get very high rates in a short period of time – do not rush to relax, the goal has not yet been achieved. Where are the guarantees that the numbers will continue to grow as fast? Improve your business slowly and steadily, without jumps and busts. This is the sure road to success.

Mistake number 10. You are not developing
Remember that you must always be prepared for change, without this success cannot be achieved. Try and test other approaches, borrow successful techniques and tactics from other areas of the business.

Picture Credit: Pixabay