5 Tips For Living In a Small Apartment


You can not increase the area of ​​housing — but you can use it as rationally as possible.

1.Zone space

Each area of ​​the apartment has its own clear function: rest, eating, work. The bedroom should be visually separated from the kitchen, even if you have a studio. To do this, simply use the shelf unit. And if the ceiling height allows, you can put the bed on the podium. Place drawers in it — get extra square meters for storing bedding or vacuum bags with seasonal clothes.

2. Choose folding furniture

It not only saves space but in some cases is also used as additional storage space. It can be a gateleg table, a folding bed, which transforms into a cupboard during the day, or a model with drawers for linen. By the way, dust is unlikely to accumulate under the latter — so you can save time on cleaning.

3. Make the most of your space.

And it’s not about turning all surfaces into shelves for storing little things, this is just not necessary.


Storage space can be found not only under the bed but also around it. If the headboard is wide enough, install several small drawers with dividers in it, and place open mounted modules above it. And at the foot of it, you can put a banquet with shelves or in the form of a bench, under which you can remove the boxes or baskets with bedspreads and rugs.


An additional place for bath accessories can be found in the walls themselves: just equip them with niches.

If you do not have a shower cabin, but a full bath, close it with sliding screens. In the allocated space, hidden from prying eyes, you can store household chemicals, toilet paper, and hygiene products.

On the door hooks, hang not only a bathrobe but also towels, a case with a hairdryer or combs.

4. Expand the area visually

Scientists believe that living in cramped conditions does not have the best effect on the psyche. The good news: there are working ways to create at least the illusion of space.

Right light

If you are not a conservative, decide on a glossy floor: the walls will be reflected in it and because of this appear higher. And the use of long mirrors placed opposite doorways and windows will visually expand the room.

When there is enough light and it is evenly distributed on the surfaces, the room seems a little less cramped. Instead of one chandelier, make a choice in favor of lamps that need to be installed along the perimeter of the ceiling at the same distance from each other. It is good if they can be equipped with smart bulbs and change the light intensity.

Picture Credit: Pexels