12 Tips For Those Who Make Repairs

12 Tips For Those Who Make RepairsArrangement of furniture

Almost the final stage of the repair, but think about it in advance. And only placing furniture on paper, you can do the wiring.

Quality of electrical wiring

Before starting repair, check the quality of electrical wiring in the apartment, correlate its condition with the expected load from electrical appliances. Fix on the layout of the wiring – just in case.

Location of sockets

Sockets in the floor – a fashionable solution for open-space format, coworking and conference rooms, but not the most convenient option for a dwelling: they make cleaning difficult.

Lighting Scenarios

The lighting options for each room should be several: from very bright to muted. In the nursery and the bedroom, the rheostat switches will come in handy to smoothly turn off the light. Also very convenient double switches – at the entrance to the bedroom and near the bed, so that the light can be turned off without getting out from under the blanket.

Sockets in the bathroom and on the balcony

Provide sockets in the bathroom, in the toilet, on the balcony. In the bathrooms should be a special outlet with protection from high humidity.

Additional hood

In the bathroom, an additional hood is useful, which switches on automatically at a high humidity level or in parallel to lighting, otherwise, if there is more than one person in the family, the bathroom will almost always have tropics.


The dark floor, too textured tiles and laminate, light decorative plaster and furniture with dark surfaces are enemies of all who love perfect purity.

Storage System

Closed, roomy, well-designed storage system (pantry or closet) is useful for any family, even if it has a minimum of things.

Windows and air conditioning

It is better to change windows before the finishing works begin. And the air conditioner should be installed at this stage, and not when the repair is completed.

Mosquito nets and blockers

Order windows immediately with mosquito nets and opening locks, even if the house does not have small children, but they can appear in the near future. Do not forget that mosquito nets do not stand the weight of children and pets.

Access to communications

Be sure to leave access to all engineering communications. They can be covered with decorative boxes and manholes, but do not fill them with trash.

House order

A large number of open cabinets, shelves and storefronts inevitably leads to a sense of confusion.

Image credit: Vasiliy