Natural Stone In Modern Design

Natural Stone In Modern Design

Natural stone, due to its decorative and physical properties, can transform an ordinary house into a real castle, and a simple apartment – in beautiful apartments. Recently, more and more modern designers use natural stone in the interior. This material allows you to realize the original solutions, giving the room an unusual look and a special atmosphere.

The most common materials for the processing of living rooms are granite, marble, onyx and travertine. They are ecologically clean, reliable and durable, ideal for realization of any creative ideas.

From a natural stone you can make window sills, columns, stairs, railings, door openings, to pave the walls, fireplaces, installation of floor covering, as well as create paintings, statues, fountains. In addition, stylish and original looking elements of stone, which can serve to divide the areas in the room or to emphasize the individual details.

Natural stone in interior design: advantages and features

Granite. This material is considered one of the most durable and durable. Often, it is used to decorate the facades. However, in the interior, he found his application, for example, to create countertops, fireplaces, bar counters and even paintings.

Marble. Due to the huge selection of colors, shades and textures, as well as high moisture resistance, it is used for the manufacture of stairs, fireplaces, table tops and floor coverings.

Onyx. Extremely attractive stone, has the ability to mirror the surrounding objects and illuminate. It is often used for small details of the interior, stained glass, sometimes for decorative walls.

Travertine. This material is lightweight and porous, and is ideal for use as flooring and wall lining, in particular zones around the pool, kitchens and living rooms.

You can use a natural stone in the design when you make any room. The stones are well combined with each other, especially granite and marble, as well as wood and metal. Such solutions allow you to create an absolutely unique atmosphere in the room (medieval, wildlife, country style, or classics).

All this can be achieved by selecting relevant materials, their texture and type of processing, and correctly combining them. Modern natural stones can be polished, presented in the form of a natural chip, polished or specially sprayed.

During processing, split stones, format tiles, elements that have been cut from large pieces, composite plates with decorative coatings, as well as small stone elements (fragments, ground and crushed stones, mosaic tiles), can be used to create a composition in combined with other materials.

It is worth noting that the natural stone in the interior of the apartment is not only aesthetic in appearance, but also valuable from a practical point of view.

First, such materials are environmentally friendly, and secondly, they save well from the heat in the summer and protect from cold in winter, and thirdly, natural stones can improve the mood and even relieve fatigue.

That is why the products from this material, while designing the interior, are of great popularity.

In order that the stone in the design of the apartment for a long time retained its attractive appearance, it is necessary to provide him with a regular, but at the same time very easy care.

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