Is The Solar Tile The Future Of Solar Energy?

Is The Solar Tile The Future Of Solar Energy?At present, the use of alternative energy sources is commonplace in many countries around the world, including the United States. Modern technologies allow an average citizen to independently receive electricity from wind, sun, water and other sources. However, the most popular alternative source was the sun itself. Solar panels are very affordable, and the benefits of them justify all attachments. This industry is rapidly developing and opens up new, interesting and practical technologies to the world.

One of these technologies is the new solar panel system, which is somewhat different from traditional standard equipment. This system allows you to install solar panels directly in the roof of your house! The panels have a tiled design that will look great on the roof, as well as two basic functions:

  • protective
  • power generation

Solar panels in the form of tiles

The invention of this technology of extraction of energy has become one of the main achievements in the world, today, all these inventions are undergoing modernization and global changes that will allow people to use them more effectively for their own purposes. The main change was the design of traditional panels.

Old types of panels do not always fit into the exterior of the house, breaking the aesthetic harmony and causing some inconvenience to the owner. Now, this problem can be solved with the help of an interesting design solution, namely solar tiles.

Such a model of solar panels, as already mentioned, performs two functions at once. One of them is extraction of electricity, and the other – protection of housing from moisture, wind, etc.

In the “sun” tile, integrated photocells that convert solar energy into electricity. An important function of this equipment is the ability to dispose of excess energy in the general electricity grid, which will significantly reduce personal costs.

Advantages of solar tile

The main advantage of solar tile is its long service life. It is a period of time from 20 to 50 years! Such a long term will completely become independent of the central power system, and the cost of panels will be paid back after 3 years.

The advantages of such tile also include:

  • Small weight – the roof structure does not increase the load, which avoids the rapid destruction of the roof of the house;
  • Compact dimensions – this panel is small in size, thanks to which it can be easily installed;
  • A great indicator of strength and stability to various weather conditions;
  • Self-cleaning system – panels can be cleaned by rain and moisture;
  • Long-term work guarantee without loss of efficiency;
  • Easy installation.

If you have already had the opportunity to appreciate the work of traditional panels in person, then you can confidently say that almost every owner of ordinary batteries will appreciate the comfort conditions that open the “sun tile”.

Production of power tiling

There are not so many companies that produce such equipment in the world, but the popularity of this roofing is growing every day. The main and probably the largest producer of power tile was a UK company called “Solar Slate”. The British make high-quality roofing products with built-in photocells, which are completely identical to ordinary tiles, and even from near distances it is difficult to see the difference between them. In this case, the panels perform the function of roofing no worse than ordinary products.

American company Tesla Inc. began to take pre-orders for solar panels in the form of roof tiles Solar Roof.¬†Together with SolarCity, solar shingles will be available in four variants: textured, slate, Toscan, and frosted glass. Each of them is made of their quartz glass, so they must retain their properties two to three times longer than the concrete counterpart. Although Mask said that “it should last longer than the house itself.”

Installation of panels

As for the installation of panels of “solar” tile, its installation is very simple. It practically does not differ from the usual roof, and the compatibility of the panel with standard products will allow you to install the batteries in any desired part of the roof. The technology is perfectly combined with the overall coating, preventing moisture from penetrating the house, as well as keeping it warm.

New developments in alternative energy sources are constantly undergoing modernization, with the goal of improving their quality, as well as making technologies much easier to use and finding new practical applications for them. Solar panels in the form of a tiled coating are a great option for a practical invention that can perform several functions simultaneously and provide comfortable conditions for work with equipment.

Image credit: Tesla