What to Do If You Lock Your Keys in the Car

 If You Lock Your Keys in the CarWith a high degree of probability, you yourself, or one of your friends or relatives, at least once got into a similar situation, when the car is closed, and the keys from it lie in the front seat of the car.

The fact that you should not forget the keys in the car, like everyone knows, but now you are distracted and forgot about this rule, because of accidents or who is not insured.

More often there are times when you have pierced the wheel on the track and try to change it. They opened the door, put the keys on the seat, after a short period of time, the automatic setting of the car for the alarm system worked and as a result, the keys are inside, and you are outside.

What to do in this situation?

Very much depends on the brand of the car and its technical characteristics. If the engine of your car is wound up and the car is equipped with electric glass lifts, you can try the following option. Find a flat object, for example a metal profile, and something similar to a chisel. If, of course, you or your acquaintances do not have a vacuum sucker, which will make it easier to solve your problem many times. You also need a hard metal rod or thick wire, and tape. To remove the paint on the surface of the car, it is necessary to stick a wide adhesive tape on it, and try to bend the door with a metal profile and get the rod on the button of the electric glass window. After the window is opened, you can reach it through the handle to open the door. And do it as soon as possible, until you have run out of gasoline and the battery has not sat down, otherwise you will not be able to use the glass lift.

Tip: To avoid this situation in the future, if you leave the car without keys, open the window just in case. This will allow you without unnecessary manipulation to get keys from a closed car.

In case the doors come off as in the old models of domestic cars, by lifting the closing latch in the corner of the door, a strong thread or fishing line will help you. Having tied a loop we try to bend the door and throw a loop on the latch. After the loop is thrown, it can be tightened and the latch can be opened.

Locks & Locksmiths

If the design of your car is different from the above, then the services of professional locksmiths can help. The firm, with the text of such an announcement, is sufficient, both in printed publications and on the Internet. On request, they are issued more than a hundred with phone numbers and an impressive geographical dispersion. So the price spread is also great, depending on the complexity of the lock and the brand of the car.

Before calling, you should make sure that you do not have anything, if the masters can not open your car and get keys from it.

So be extremely careful when you leave your car, forgetting the keys in it. And I want to believe that you probably have a duplicate of keys that you are already being taken.

Image credit: Toby_Parsons