Done Rite Roofing Company Inc Announces Winning of Best of Design Award from Houzz

Done Rite Roofing Has Been Awarded Best Of Houzz 2018Summary: Done Rite Roofing is an established family owned and administered roofing company based in Clearwater and Tampa Bay areas of Florida. Done Rite Roofing which has been providing roofing services for more than 16 years recently won the ‘Best of Design 2018’ Houzz Award.

For Immediate Press Release

February 29, 2018, Clearwater, Florida, USA – Houzz is the premier online house construction and remodelling platform registered in Palo Alto, CA, with more than 40 million exclusive monthly users comprising homeowners, homebuilders, and interior designers. This premier site for home construction, renovation, and design professionals, of late, awarded the ‘Best of Houzz 2018’ design award to ‘Done Rite Roofing Contractors’ located in Tampa Bay, Florida. Houzz gives away the ‘Best of Houzz’ honor in three distinct fields-Design, Photography, and Customer Service. A steadfast subscriber base of 40 million users that log in at Houzz’s site every month chooses the winner in three aforementioned categories. The winner of the award for architecture and home design is chosen after meticulously screening literally thousands of entries. The predominant parameter used for filtering contestants is obviously designing excellence followed by clientele feedbacks and testimonials.

The Houzz design and architecture award certificate is presented along with a brooch or insignia which is then imprinted on the winner’s report and site. The frontline web-oriented platform believes that following this tradition will go a long way in enabling homeowners, proprietors, and landowners to get in touch with approved and recognized homebuilders, renovators, and designers in their specific areas. On the other hand, it is expected that in order to bag the award, home construction and refurbishing contractors as well as companies will do their utmost to furnish the highest levels of service to customers. The Vice-President of Industry Marketing at Houzz, Liza Hausman was of the opinion that Done Rite Roofing which was bestowed this year’s ‘Best Design’ award would definitely be very elated and ecstatic for having been selected to receive the same from amongst innumerable contenders.

The community of Houzz strictly followed all the norms to pick up the winner-Done Rite Roofing-a roofing contractor that has earned its goodwill by focusing wholeheartedly on delivering quality roofing services for nearly two decades. The Houzz community strongly considers that Done Rite has buttressed its credentials as customer-focused and service-oriented roofing business. The society of homebuilding and redecorating professionals were delighted to confer the award which the company could use as a trump card for showcasing their professionalism and expertise.

About Done Rite Roofing

Done Rite Roofing that has been engaged in rooftop services industry for more than 19 years now has become a sort of trendsetter in this specific segment of home construction. Right from day one, this roofing service provider has laid emphasis on providing superlative services at the most competitive rates possible. The firm has fine-tuned the knack of making available high quality projects at budget rates.

About Houzz

Houzz founded by Adi and Alon, is one-stop online outlet for linking up those looking to buy or construct their first homes with experienced homebuilders, home contractors, and interior decorators.

Image credit: Done Rite Roofing