How to Get Rid of Coronavirus On Clothes and In the House

How to Get Rid of Coronavirus On Clothes and In the House

Coronavirus COVID-19 can live on different surfaces from several hours to several days. It is able to exist outside the human body while remaining active.

Coronaviruses can survive up to 5 days, depending on the type of surface, as well as on temperature and humidity. In this case, the infectivity of the virus is significantly reduced after 3 hours.

The WHO gave recommendations on how to properly process various surfaces in the house, as well as how to wash things in order to disinfect them.

What needs to be disinfected

Be sure to treat contact surfaces for general use. These include:

    • door handles
    • drain tank button,
    • cranes and so on.

How long does the coronavirus live on surfaces

Coronavirus lives on metal surfaces for the longest time — cutlery, coins, jewelry, door handles. But there are no cases of revealing coronavirus in water and carefully prepared food.

How to process surfaces and how to wash clothes

For disinfection in the public health center, it is recommended to use household products with 0.5% chlorine or an alcohol solution of 60-80% alcohol.

Experts believe that a half-hour washing regimen at a temperature of 140 °F can completely protect your clothes, kitchen and bedding, and other fabrics.

In addition to the temperature and washing time, it is necessary to add detergent. Because the surfactants it contains will make clothing even safer.

But only natural fabrics — linen, cotton, can withstand such a high temperature. More delicate fabrics can be washed delicately and then steamed.

In addition, you can leave potentially dangerous clothes in a sealed bag for 2-3 weeks. A virus without contact with a person must die.

Picture Credit: Pixabay