Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Home Library

Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Home Library

First of all, before organizing a library in the apartment, you need to take care of safety, so you should not place books in places where high humidity and direct sunlight.

In such a room, books can:

  • get wet
  • accumulate moisture from the air
  • and over time, they can appear to mold
  • under direct sunlight, the covers burn out and the paper turns yellow

It is best to use a bookcase or shelf to organize your own library. If there is not enough space, the usual shelves will do.

You can place them in any corner of the house:

  • on a free wall in the living room
  • above the desk
  • or in the hallway.

Besides, you can divide the books by topic and place them in appropriate areas so that they are always at hand at the right time:

  • For culinary publications, select a shelf in the kitchen. It must be located far enough away from the stove and sink
  • Children’s books are best stored in a child room
  • Fiction – in the living room or bedroom
  • Professional literature – next to the workplace

In fact, books can be stored on any horizontal surface:

  • window sills
  • chairs
  • or even on the floor.

If you have a lot of books and you don’t like ordinary bookcases, you can make shelves yourself from old drawers, suitcases or even cases from the system unit.

They can be folded into a composition and fixed to the wall or simply left on the floor under the wall.

Books that are rarely used can be stored in containers under the bed.

How to compose books beautifully and functionally

  • To beautifully place books on the shelves, you should group them by size.
  • Also, it can be folded by color or, conversely, mix colors, which will create a strong accent in the interior. This method is more suitable for monochrome rooms.
  • If you don’t like colorful book covers, you can keep them backside. However, the disadvantage of this method is that you may have difficulty finding the right book.
  • You should combine vertical and horizontal storage. That is, you put a certain number of books vertically, then a stack of books lying horizontally. Then again vertically.
  • If you wish, you can arrange the books by content/author/writing period, etc.
  • And you can allocate a separate shelf for each such section.

Picture Credit: Pexels