Fashionable Details In Interior Design In 2020

Fashionable Details In Interior Design In 2020

Environmental friendliness, modernism, nostalgia for the 60s, and simplicity – the main trends in interior design, which will be used in 2020, and tips from designers on how to decorate the apartment.


Modernism is the desire for something new, the conventionality of style, and the search for new forms. The minimalism we are already accustomed to is now complemented by functionalism and futurism, which are becoming more widespread and promoting the cult of individualism. This is manifested in the use of ordinary objects and textures in an unusual way – for example, an image from the carpet.

The main trend in design will be personalization – the creation of a unique space as a display of individuality. This shall be achieved by bold and unusual combinations of colors, shapes, and textures.

Legends of subject design

A simple interior can be decorated with an armchair from the 1930s or a chest of drawers from the 1970s found at an auction or flea market. Details will play an important role in the design: from floor lamps and carpets to furniture handles and switches. Kitchens without top cabinets, using metal furniture and rattan are becoming popular. The main materials are wood, metal, stone, and glass, which complement living and dried plants.

Environmental friendliness

Environmental pollution is a problem that permeates all areas of our lives. That is why the main trend will be natural materials and reuse. For example, in the interior – recycled plastic furniture.

Companies and young designers are experimenting with recycled materials, reusing what others consider garbage, and creating innovative materials. The 2020-2021 season will bring even more environmental initiatives.

Along with urbanization, a person’s desire to participate more in nature, exercise regularly, meditate, and eat quality food grows. Thus, there are two trends – the desire for prosperity and the need for the conscious use of natural resources. A recent trend is handmade interiors that preserve traditions and unique techniques.

Life on the run

A flexible schedule allows more and more people to work from home, so the demand for home offices is growing. Modern homes are becoming hybrids, so in addition to traditional spaces for recreation and entertainment, now home becomes a new space for work and creative inspiration.

Nostalgia and futurism

Contradictory trends of 2020 are the inspiration for futuristic design and nostalgia for the 60-70s.

Forms of the basic elements of an interior develop: direct, rigidly square lines disappear, there are more smooth bends, wavy lines, and roundish forms. Classic pieces of furniture are reviewed and restored because true beauty and timeless style will never die.

The colors are dominated by shades of red, which inspire risky combinations. Deep color can be a powerful tool for interior design, but it is important to keep the color balance and some bright shades are better soothed with neutral white, gray, or other calm colors.

Small apartments

Architects began to develop innovative solutions for small spaces. The tempting prospect of living in the heart of large cities with all the opportunities offered by such a location creates a task for home developers to solve all the functional issues for premises with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčless than 40 square meters.

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