Easy Wake Up Tips

Easy Wake Up Tips

Some people literally jump out of bed, despite the great desire to wrap themselves in a blanket and continue to sleep soundly. Even more – some claim that this way of awakening instantly charges with vigor and energy.

This may be true for a person with extraordinary strength and energy or a professional athlete, but in general, this method is not supported by people. Doctors say that the process of awakening should be gradual and unobtrusive, so you can afford to lie in bed for 1-2 minutes and really wake up and do not torment still asleep body.

Even the most fashionable and pleasant melody of the phone alarm will soon cease to evoke joyful emotions, so you can try to use the radio as an alarm clock – turn it on 10 minutes before the right time: the light cheerful music of your favorite radio station will allow you to wake up gradually and slowly. Apparently, this is better than a sudden ringing of the phone over in your ear.

Stretch and yawn

When you yawn, you take in more air than when you breathe through your nose. The influx of air to the brain promotes rapid to wake up; stretch, straighten your arms and legs – this is a kind of charge and tone for the muscles relaxed during the night.

Alarm clock

Some people use several alarm clocks that ring at intervals of 5-10 minutes. Of course, it’s a matter of habit and individual characteristics, maybe someone is really easier to get up, but often a multiple alarm clock only continues the morning “pain”. It turns out that you wake up and fall asleep several times, resulting in drowsiness does not go anywhere, but, conversely, only increases.

In order to cheer yourself up and stop bumping into the walls, you need to take a cool shower that will wake up the body and restore clarity of thought. Drink a cup of strong aromatic tea, preferably with lemon. It is better (more useful) to wake up with tea than with coffee, which acts in much the same way as a cigarette. And, of course, the most important thing in waking up in the morning, as in any other business, is the emotional mood.

Awakening in the morning is still a trifle of life, not its essence. Tell yourself that this inconvenience just needs to be overcome!

Picture Credit: Unsplash